Monday , May 29 2023

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Are You Ready for a New Chapter in Your Love Life?

There’s spring after a cold, dark winter. This is a sign of change of seasons. When spring comes, everything starts to grow again. Preparing yourself for a new love to come into your life is similar to the changing of seasons. But of course, it’s vital to know if you …

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Consider These Before Getting a Divorce

Are you thinking of getting a divorce because:             Your spouse is abusing you and your children physically? • Your spouse is an alcohol and drug dependent and is not even thinking of dealing with the addiction? • Your spouse prioritize gambling than being responsible of your financial? • You want to have …

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No To One-Way Relationship!

You Have a Right On This Relationship! Another brilliant move has been slanting among my female guests. It could be brought on by the movement in vitality from the solar eclipse and the new moon around the same time, or some other energizing vibrations. Whatever the cause, I’m calling it …

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Perks of Getting Older

Getting Older has advantages! In case you’re similar to a great many people, your point of view on getting older has likely changed after some time. When you were in your high schoolers, you likely couldn’t sit tight for every birthday, since age implied livens like driving an auto and …

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Are You In a Serious Relationship?

It’s Official        You’ve been dating for a quite some time already, and it seems like everything is great and in pretty good shape—you’ve made some precious moments, have overcome obstacles and straightened out minor problems—you may be wondering where the relationship is going. Is it too early to call yourselves …

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Intimacy Starts From Within

Over the 40 years that I have been guiding individual and couples, I have all the time worked with individuals who are considering leaving their marriage. Frequently they say things like: * I no longer feel intimate with my spouse. I love him/her, but I’m no longer in love with …

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Avoid Dating Down

You’re the only one who has the right to decide who is perfect for you. But do not ignore the warning signs of dating a flawed partner. Are you dating down? Going for the second best and thinking you don’t have any other option? Are you dating someone who isn’t …

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How to Find Your Soulmate

The first truth in how to find your soulmate is to understand the nature of a soulmate. It’s strange but most people don’t really sit down to figure out what a soulmate really is. As a result, people often force the wrong person into fitting the soulmate mold. If you …

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Non-Attachment: The KEY to a Happy Life & Relationship

While going through a rough time, a good friend of mine sent me this article below. It talks about how one of the keys to a great relationship (romantic or not) is NON ATTACHMENT. While it sounds a little strange (we SHOULD be attached to the ones we love right?), …

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