Toxic Habits to Pay Attention To!

Toxic Habits to Pay Attention To!

Do you wonder how to have a good relationship? Some people find being in a happy relationship to be hard. You might be someone that wants to have romance and wants to find love that is special to your heart.

The truth is, there are some habits that are normal for people to do but they are really toxic habits. These kinds of habits cause relationships to be dramatic and can be doing damage.

Here are some toxic habits in your relationship that you need to notice and fix!

  • Expecting Your Partner to Fix Everything

There are some people that think that their partner should be able to fix everything. When you’re having a bad day, do you expect your partner to fix it and make it better? The thing is your partner should be there to support you and to be there for you emotionally, but you should be adding to each other and depending on each other.

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to tell your partner what you’re feeling and to ask them to help you. Talk about what you are feeling and be responsible for your own actions. Don’t expect your partner to constantly make you happy.

  • Be Fair

Being fair in a relationship means that you don’t hold grudges and you don’t keep score. When something goes wrong and you get hurt, you forgive, and you forget that it happened. Focusing more on keeping score will cause the relationship to feel more downs than ups.

Relationships should be fair for everyone. When you live with your partner, you won’t be equal, but you should do what you can to support and help each other. Instead of just doing what you do on a regular basis, try to offer your help with things like chores and other things. Treat the problems as a problem that you solve together and work through your disagreements without bringing up issues from your past.

  • Your Teammate

You should believe that your partner is your teammate, but you should also be able to be independent. You should be able to go out with your own friends and have your own hobbies. The friendships that you form outside of your relationship are going to be healthy and you will be insecure if you don’t have these. Don’t be codependent on your partner.

Look at your partner as a person that is more than a friend but not the only person in your life. They are there for you to make you happy and to care for you but you both need to have joy beyond the relationship as well.

  • Say the Truth

You need to be able to speak the truth with your partner. Tell them when they hurt your feelings or when they make you feel that you aren’t being heard. The relationship that you have is more than just an idea and you need to make sure that you are listening and doing the talking. Listen as much as you talk, and this is what good communication looks like.

Stop looking at your problems as something that your partner is causing and learn to tell them what they have done to upset you. You can’t expect them to read your mind and to know what they have done if you don’t tell them.

  • Be Passionate But Not in Problems

You should be passionate with your partner, and you should love them more than anything on the earth. Of course, when you are arguing, this needs to be not a screaming match. Be passionate in the good things but don’t get to the point where there is relationship abuse. When you are fighting, it can cause the relationship to become unstable. You should be able to speak to each other in truth and when life is hard, talk about it.

Look at how you both deal with problems. Don’t go against your partner but learn to work together. Don’t get caught up in anger to the point where you feel overly frustrated. Be passionate and caring with each other no matter what is happening at the time.

  • Say What You Are Thinking

Instead of just saying something in riddles, speak up what you need to say. Don’t just beat around the bush when you are upset but learn to say the truth. Dropping hints will never get things solved and your partner might not even know what you’re talking about. If you’re upset that your partner was talking to their ex, tell them. Communicating what you need and want can help to heal toxic relationships. If you can’t say what you desire, you will never have a healthy relationship.

Always be open about your feelings and what you want and need. Don’t just think that your partner knows. Be open in your communication and don’t feel that your partner knows what you need. Don’t judge them for not knowing but tell them.

Soulmate Love

One thing that people believe in is soulmate love. When you meet your partner and they are your perfect person, they might be your soulmate. Anything that is flawed about them is something that you need to work through. Everyone has failures and faults and if you find that your partner doesn’t have everything that you expected, this is okay. Be kind and compassionate. Talking will also go a long way in this situation.

Make sure that you are knowing why you wanted to be committed to your partner in the first place. Don’t criticize your partner and don’t just decide to love them when they are perfect but love them even through their flaws. Doing this can make your relationship strong and loving.