Do You Magnetize The Perfect Partner?


         You might have had quite a few relationships but none really turned out to be a perfect partner… Ever wonder why? Attracting love is not simple. Our thoughts will mirror what we attract. Want to learn how to find love? Take time to think about your perfect partner, and let the Law of Attraction do the rest!

*Look inside Yourself

A partner can’t fulfill us or make us “complete.” We must be complete and whole on our own first. And if you’re content with yourself, you’ll emit such wonderful energy and begin on the path to finding love. Happy people are the most attractive people to be around! If we spend our days feeling sad, sorry for ourselves, or angry, then we will not be open to attracting our perfect partners. Take time to evaluate yourself, and live with passion. Every one of us has unique qualities that can shine, so focus on those and your love will become magnetic!

*Learn from the Past, Don’t Live in It

We’ve all had good and bad experiences in love and relationships. Trying and failing is a good way to learn how to love. Concentrate on the good aspects of past partners and friends. Remember the qualities that allowed you to be your best self, and lift you up. By rehashing the bad and re-playing it in our minds, we just feel tired and drained. We can’t change what happened, but we can learn, grow, and move forward in finding true love. How exciting!

*List Real Qualities, Receive Real Partners

Sometimes, we focus on an old love, thinking we want them back. Perhaps it’s not the person, but what he/she brought to our lives. Write a list of what your needs are from another person. Make sure you go through all levels of needs, not just surface or superficial qualities, to attract the perfect partner. The deeper you go, the more likely you are to attract a real partner, who wants the same things as you do. And remember, “like attracts like.” If you want a person who is faithful, you must be faithful. If you want a person who is energetic, you must be energetic!

*Let it Go

Put your intentions out to the Universe, and then let the Universe do the work and deliver. If you look at everyone you meet as a potential soul mate, you may limit yourself and scare the person away! Give the Universe, the people we meet, and ourselves a chance before running to a jeweler and declaring love! And, if we spend time worrying that it won’t happen, or when it will happen, we create negative energy, which counteracts everything! You will both know when love is right, and usually it’s when you least expect it!

*Instinct or Inspiration?

The Universe sends us great messages, which we shouldn’t ignore. It’s called “inspired action”, and sometimes feels like an instinct. If you spend all day sitting at home, waiting for the world to come to your door, you may be waiting awhile! This is no way to find true love. If you suddenly feel like going to the food store, even if you only need one thing, go when the instinct arises! This may be the Universe’s way of getting you out there and putting you on the path to meeting someone new. It might not be your perfect partner, but it may be a friend who will lead you to new, fun life experiences. Be open to everyone and trust your instincts!