Nourish Your Relationship

   Love is a one of the best thing that could happen to our lives, isn’t it? I believe we all want to have a loving relationship and most people put energy into their partners and soul connections. And love is truly a wonderful experience. 
We put on our happy faces and share our stories and let our hair down as we get more comfortable knowing we are supported and feel safe with them. 
Happy Faces
A new relationship is fun and interesting. We act shy, uncertain, and a little vulnerable. It is like a new rosebud that is slowly opening up to the sun. Our relationships are just as new and need the warmth and kindness to bring out in ourselves. A happy face also can signal that we feel relaxed and are enjoying time together with our loved ones.
Sharing Our Stories
As a relationship deepens, like the rosebud, we continue to open up and put a little more of US into the relationship. Letting our new partner in to our world means letting them know the parts of us that we want them to know; at least at first glance! It is a time to tell something that is fun and lighthearted and lets our partner know we are having fun and feel at ease.
It is also about letting them hear the serious things and knowing that we are still loved. Baggage come in all shapes and sizes! So by being open to our partners and saying “we are together,” it is also letting our partners know we can help with their situations. We take the good and the bad in love.
Let Our Hair Down
Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be ON all the time! While some people do it with ease, love in relationships means seeing the outer AND the inner beauty of our partner. It’s why we are with them. Their qualities, quirks, and idioms are what makes them attractive to us. We can look past the flaws and see a picture that makes our relationships mean so much more. As the relationship evolves, we are more inclined to “our ways.” Neat freaks and messy come out and what works is we love them for who they are and they love us as much.

Everything DOES Come Down to Love
Without love our world becomes so small and introverted. We miss the joys and little inside jokes that we have with our partners. We love being held, loved, and cherished in our relationships. Loving relationships are so awesome.

Thank your partner.

Say “I LOVE YOU!” 

Hug and kiss your partner.

Be truly grateful for their presence in your life!