Subtly Show Them They Messed Up

They Messed Up

Have you ever messed up? Or, better yet, have you ever been with someone that messed up and you want them to realize the mistake that they’ve made? Relationships can be hard, and you are constantly learning who to be and how to be close to each other.

If your man has made a mistake, it might take them a while to realize that they’ve messed up. Maybe they forgot your birthday or your anniversary or maybe they did something else that you didn’t like.

You might want them to realize that they’ve made this mistake, but you don’t want to rudely point it out. Having good communication and listening can allow you and your partner to be able to share your feelings with an understanding.

Of course, this can depend on the size of the mistake. If they are willing to look at their actions and how they hurt you, you might be able to just talk through things and share how they made you feel. Being open in your communication is going to be key to how you handle mistakes in the relationship.

Realizing the Mistake

There are some things that you can do to help him realize that he has messed up without it being a big blowout fight. Here is how!

  • Talk About It

Having open communication means that you can discuss things in a calm and collective way. It means that you don’t blame or point fingers, but you have a safe place to talk and say what you’re feeling without judgement.

  • Give Them Room

Sometimes you need to not rush them and not point out the mistakes that they made. Give them time to process what they did. Once they realize this then they can take actions without you point it out.

  • Apologize Yourself

Set the stage for what to do when a mistake happens by apologizing for your mistakes. Always show your partner how you feel when you mess up and how you fix it. By acknowledging your own mistakes, it gives your partner a chance to be able to fess up when they make a mistake as well.

  • Say “I”

Don’t point fingers or talk about what your partner did but use “I” statements to say what you’re feeling and how their actions made you feel.

  • Share Stories

Share stories of times that you’ve messed up and how you came to fix them. By showing your partner that you aren’t perfect and that you were able to fix things, you are opening a door for them to be able to do the same.

  • Be Positive

Be positive even when something happens. Know that you have more good than bad with your relationship and learn to be closer to each other.

  • Talk to Someone

Talk to a friend or a loved one about what you’re going through. Tell them what your partner did and let them support you as you get out of your stress.

  • Have Empathy

Have empathy and compassion when your partner messes up. Show them that you love them even if they have made a mistake.

  • Be Patient

Give your partner time to realize that they have made a mistake. Be patient with yourself and with them as you work through the situation. Remember that there needs to be time for personal growth, and you need to trust and support your partner in this. They will come to a place where they learn to make amends when they make up.

By having trust and understanding, you will see that your relationship can be strong and rewarding.

Final Thoughts

There will be times where you see that your partner has messed up. By being empathetic and by having love and compassion, you can work through them. OF course, if the mistakes are too big or too often, you might need to communicate to your partner that you are going to walk away from the relationship if there aren’t positive changes made.

Let him realize that there is a chance that you will walk away if things don’t change. Remember, men have feelings of regret that are different than yours and you need to allow them to show these feelings the way that they do without guilt-tripping them. Be honest about your feelings and your emotions and let them have a chance to regret the hurt that they caused you.

When you address the mistakes that your partner made, don’t make them feel guilty or fearful of you leaving them but have honest and open communication about how you feel. Focus on your own feelings and find a way to resolve the problems. Talk about your own experiences so that they have a chance to change and grow in a safe environment.

Everyone makes mistakes and as you learn to guide your partner in ways to fix this, you can create a strong bond in your relationship that will last throughout the future.