What is Spiritual and Mechanical Sex?

Mechanical Sex

People have wondered what the difference is between spiritual and mechanical sex for years. They wonder how it can affect people and what can be done to understand it.

Spiritual sex is when someone bonds with another person not only physically but also on a spiritual arena. This is someone that is able to know themselves and their partner and they create a union that is considered sacred with each other.

Sex is something that is considered to be pleasing and mechanical sex focuses on this part of sex. It focuses on conception, orgasms and how the body feels when there is sex. With mechanical sex there is less intimacy and meditation, and it isn’t as inspiring as spiritual sex. This is something that is more common when it comes to sex.

Mechanical Sex

When people look at mechanical sex, they often describe what they are doing and how they want to meet their desires and satisfy their partner. They don’t normally talk about peace or how the sex fits in the bigger parts of life. It isn’t a time that the soul is mentioned but it is more a duty of pleasing each other when you are in a relationship. Men and women both seem to have sex to meet a duty rather than a connection.

Men and Women

There are some women that have sex not just for the duty, but some will have sex because it makes them feel better, helps them to sleep or maybe even to make their partner jealous. This has nothing still to do with a spiritual connection. Men often feel that sex is just a modern demand.

People are often too busy for sex and men will work and have fast sex and don’t think about intimacy. This is part of mechanical sex and when it becomes more than that it can become complicated, and it can be hard for people to make that deep connection. Sex that has a deep connection is something that feels like a mode of survival. Spiritual sex and caring for someone spiritually happens more when someone is ready to have a family.

Women now often work jobs and make a lot of money and they don’t have to have someone to support them, but many women miss the spiritual connection that spiritual sex can leave them with and so do some men.

Keeping Sex Open

We need to learn to find out how to have sex more than just feeling satisfied but to have more of a connection. When you can connect with someone through sex, it will be romantic, and it will leave partners feeling in love and loved. It might seem like having sex to connect with someone is a waste of time but if you want to have a real connection with someone you will do what it takes and that can start in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Introducing spirituality in all parts of your life, including your sexual life, can have a profound effect on your relationships. Those that engage in spiritual meditation and yoga are able to increase their sexual desires for their partner and this can make arousal and excitement increase. Don’t just get into a habit of having mechanical sex but allow spiritual sex to become part of your relationships.