Starseeds and Soul Families

Starseeds and Soul Families

The universe allows things to happen to you so that you can learn your life lessons and you can find your calling. Go on adventures, find those that are meant to be in our life and face the things that come to you head on.

Soul Families

As your soul incarnates one world at a time, you are on a mission and a life journey. Your soul will take things that have happened in your past lives and will show you what you need to do to master the things handed to you. These things happen and as they do you will meet your soul families.

The soul has many different things that happen such as having parents, children, relatives, and friends. These happen in each of your lives and with this comes events that impact you in your life then and your life now. The soul will look at the body it wants to be in, according to the debts and what has to be learned.

As part of this, you will find that you will have a soul family that will come into your human life and will allow you to experience different things. They will come as family members, teachers, lovers and more. You will be able to recognize these people as you move forward in your journey.

Soul Group

A soul group is the person that is in your sou life. You will meet these people and the soul will allow you to know this. Your soul will guard you and the people that come into your life such as your siblings or your parents will be connected to you to help you heal or help you to get past your karmic debt.

Everyone has things that they need to do in order to learn their lessons and this is something that your soul will learn as you move forward. Things will happen and your lessons will be met, and you will see that you have tools to get you on that path.

People that have lived past lives will know the certain struggles, the biases, and the things that they have had to sacrifice or give up in order to live their next life. They might in their next life not have struggles based on how they handled things in their past lives. The theme and the patterns will cause there to be certain emotions and situations and even people that will come to you as you change.

Karmic Cycles

The soul is there to find out its soul purpose. There will be lifetimes that you go through and the more you incarnate the more you will see things from different points of view. You will see emotions and connections that happen even as a child, and you will meet people that will be there to help you or to hurt you. They will make you feel secure or insecure and this is a stability or instability that you will be forced to face.

Breaking a karmic cycle is something important and you can do this when you learn to understand why you have certain patterns and how they affect you. You will see that the different places that you are and the behaviors that you have will cause there to be choices. Once you feel secure in who you are and you use your intuition to guide you, you can face your new mission and live a better life.

Soul Connections

Along your journey you will come to many soul connections. These are people that you will meet in different live, and they will be where your soul is from, and you will know them. You will be able to have different soul connections throughout your journey and here are some of the most known ones:

Soul Ties

These are ties that you make when you find someone in your life, and you run into them. You might find them in a grocery store or meet them at your job. You will befriend them, and this will cause you to have a tie with them.


There are different soulmates that you will meet along the way. Some of these will last and some will only be there a short time. Here are some of them:

  • Soul contracts: These are people that you make an agreement with in your soul, and this can be from a different lifetime.
  • Soulmate: Someone that you will have a connection with. This can be a friend, family member, lover or more. They will help you to learn your life lesson and to reach a goal. Some last and some don’t.
  • Soul crossing: This happens when you meet someone, or you remember them, and it helps you to remember a lesson that you need to learn. They will give your insight into your life, and you will always value the experiences that you have with a soul crossing.

Past Life Soulmates

You will meet soulmates now, but you will also meet people now that you had as soulmates in a past life. These people will come to you, and you will make a connection. This can be a time for healing.

Kindred Souls

These are people that will be from your soul group, or they can be starseeds. They will connect with you in your life, and they will support you and bond with you.


Starseeds are people that are old souls, and they are from different stars, planets, and galaxies. They come to the world to make it better. They are often lightworkers and they are rare people. They have ties to the universe and the divine and they have mastered their soul lessons.

They have a mission to guide people to a better life and they come to the earth to make it a better place.

Final Thoughts

Your soul is there to help you understand your life and to make better choices. As you go through different lessons, learn them, and depend on them so that you can live something more glorious than you thought that you could. As you meet certain people in your life, know that the universe has made this happen so that you can learn more things.