Signs That He Wants More Than Friendship


    Most women are feeling confused regarding the intention of someone they are dating and that often characterize the early days of a new relationship. 

These feelings occur somewhere after the first few dates but before the committal stage. There is a preoccupation about whether or not we are on the same page with the person we truly like. Is this person as serious as we might be about a future together?

We cannot always tell what our new man is looking for and we are not always able to recognize the signs that he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level. As the old saying goes: “It doesn’t take much to be in love. But it takes a lot to be in a relationship.”

Based on my own experiences and research, as well as conversations I’ve had with my friends, I’ve created some guidelines to help women recognize the signs that can really help us  know whether the man we are involved with is actually ready for the lasting partnership we crave.

The common signs he wants a relationship:

1st Sign: His Attentiveness 

He pays attention, as simple as that. He asks questions and is always involved fully in discussions. He notices small things and shows a genuine interest in you.

2nd Sign: His Time

He calls and checks how you are. He makes time even if he is really busy. He responds quickly to emails or texts. He initiates dates to meet up.

3rd Sign: Personal Level – Closeness and Intimacy

He wants to know you on a personal level and he is there when you need him. He lets you in to the personal parts of his life. When you need a shoulder to cry on, he’s there.

4th Sign:  He Puts You First

He sets his own needs aside to help you out with something and his focus is towards you. If he just senses when he’s needed without your prompts, that’s a very good indicator that he’s probably ready to move the relationship forward

5th Sign: He Listen’s and He Hears You

When a guy is listening to your every word, it is definitely a sign he wants a relationship!

6th Sign:  He wants you to meet his family and friends and he wants to get to know your friends.

That is a really big clue. A guy only brings a girl to meet his family when he is genuinely ready to commit.

7th sign: Planning and Spending Quality Time Together

He plans ahead and talks about the future and future plans that involve both of you. He wants to be together as much as possible and he is consistent with keeping plans.

There we are –  seven signs that women who also want a relationship should be keen to see  demonstrated in a man. If he exhibits most of them, he’s ready for love. But then again, if he is doing all of the above -you are, no doubt, in a happy and committed relationship already….!!!


  1. While the guidelines are helpful, it’s important to remember that each individual is unique. Not everyone may show their commitment in these precise ways. The nuances in personal behavior and cultural differences can also play a significant role.

  2. This list provides a good framework for identifying serious relationship intentions. Nonetheless, I would suggest that emotional intelligence and mutual respect are equally important factors to consider in evaluating a potential long-term partner.

  3. This article provides a structured way to assess the intentions of a romantic partner. The signs mentioned seem logical and grounded in common relationship dynamics. It’s useful to have a checklist, especially in the ambiguous early stages of dating.

  4. The signs outlined here resonate with my personal experiences. Paying attention to these behaviors can indeed help in understanding a partner’s intentions. However, open communication should also be emphasized as a crucial element in any relationship.

  5. The points made in the article are quite insightful. Recognizing these signs can prevent misunderstandings and help clarify a partner’s intentions early on. However, I think it’s essential for women to also reflect on their own readiness for a relationship.


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