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Is There Such Thing As Eternal Love?

           Admit it or not but a lot of us would like to believe that eternal love truly does exist. ..We might see couples who have entered into their 70′s or 80′s that are full of love and affection for each other and hope that we too, will experience that type of love. This is the sort of love that looks as though it will continue on even after we pass from this life to the next.

Sometimes we witness genuine acts of love among the older generation and fantasize about having that one soul mate that will be with us for an eternity. Sounds so romantic doesn’t it? But does it really exist?

Sadly, we see many couples breakup, divorce or separate for a variety of reasons. The sad thing is, many of these couples that sign paperwork stating they officially want to leave their marriage behind are actually still in love with each other in some shape or form. This is why it is very important to exhaust every avenue before calling it quits in a committed relationship.

What Is Eternal Love And How Does It Differ From Regular Love?

Many people define eternal love as a powerful type of love that lasts forever, even through death and into the afterlife. It is thought of as the strongest form of love possible, because it carries on and on and nothing can taint it or break its spell. A large majority of individuals would say this is a soul mate type of love.

Where Can You Find Eternal Love?

This is a difficult question to answer. If there was one spot to find eternal love, everyone would be in it. Eternal love is a spiritual experience in which you feel intense emotions and attraction towards another human being. It does not have a beginning or an end. Why no beginning you ask? Because, when you were born into this life, you were already designed to meet this person and to have this experience. You may feel as though you are in the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but the beginning started the day you were born. It was just a matter of finding this other soul to continue your path of eternal love. In some cases, people believe we keep meeting up with our soul mate over and over again with each life we begin.

A Few Signs Of Eternal Love

If you experience eternal love, you will feel instantly drawn to another individual. This won’t be lust and sexual desire. This is a “feeling” that you won’t be able to describe to another individual. When you are apart from one another, you will feel as though your battery is running low and that you want to be back by their side. There will be nothing that can break the bond that you have with one another and you will constantly feel as though whatever you face together, you will overcome.

Eternal love is extremely beautiful experience to witness or to have firsthand. If you think you have already found it, treasure it and enjoy every moment as it is only a rare few that are lucky enough to find it.

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