Stop Pushing Love Away

Stop Pushing Love Away

Most people have been in bad relationships where they find out that someone that they loved isn’t who they thought they were. You might have thought you would be together with this person forever only to find out that the relationship was messier than you wanted to deal with.

Dating people can be hard and it can be hard to give your heart to others. Love is something that everyone needs though, and this kind of love doesn’t have to be with a partner, but you need some kind of love such as familial love or love from friends. Some though decide that giving up on love is the best idea for their lives because they are tired of being hurt.

Life is never predictable, and we don’t know what is going to happen. You can’t just push love away because it didn’t work out the first time or the second time. Pushing love away isn’t the right answer for you.

Pushing Away Love

When you choose to give up on love and push it away, it makes you feel that you aren’t able to trust anyone. Once you decide that you don’t want to have love anymore, you will feel that you aren’t able to be happy with anyone.

You will believe that having a relationship that is romantic is impossible and you will not believe that anyone can be happy together. This will make you see love from an unhealthy viewpoint.

Punishing away love can make you feel lonely and can leave you feeling sad and depressed. You will have to learn to ignore the idea of not having love and you will have to stop having up a defense mechanism. If you don’t stop doing this, you will not be able to find love and you will put yourself in a bubble and be alone.

Having a good relationship means that you are able to communicate with others and you are able to work through problems.

Why Keep Finding Love?

You might feel bad about all the relationships that have ended poorly. There are many reasons though that you need to stop pushing love away and learn to live a happy life with someone. Chances are that you haven’t met the right one for you y et and instead of thinking about all the people that you did meet that didn’t work out, figure out what is going on inside of you that you might need to change.

Remember, when you want to push love away, you have to figure out what happened on your dates and why things went poorly. Even if you feel that it is innumerable and you can’t count all the problems, you have a chance to meet someone new.

You might have had a date with someone that ended terribly. You may have even introduced this person to the things that you loved, and you felt that you were meeting their needs and your own needs. All the people that you meet make you see what you want in a partner.

Bad Relationships Help You Learn

When you have a bad relationship, even ones that have failed, it teaches you the things that you don’t want in your life, and it shows you what you do want. The bad experiences can teach you how to change and how to live your best life.

  • It Takes Work and Time

Finding real love takes work and time. Things don’t always come easy, and you have to learn and grow as you find love. Instead of getting upset, learn to change things in your life that need to be changed and focus on the good things.

Relationships require a lot of work that people don’t always realize, and true love won’t last without this work.

  • Opening New Doors

As you let go of bad relationships, it opens you up for new relationships that can give you what you want, and you need. You will learn to share your energies with people that you need in your life and let go of the ones that you don’t need. Remove people out of your life that are bad for you or that are toxic.

  • Have a Good Attitude

Being in a bad mood constantly and being negative will never help you to find love. Get rid of negative thinking and talking and find out how to become positive. Find what motivates you and this will attract positive energy to your life.

  • You Deserve Love

Everyone deserves to be loved. You have to stop telling yourself that you are unworthy of love. Don’t push love away but learn to embrace it and learn to see who you are and what you need. When you think about your love life and it gets you feeling negative, notice the things that are good in your life and that you are worthy of having love.

No one is meant to be forever alone and that means even you. Stop focusing on love as being the biggest thing in life and focus on how you can do better in your life and live the best life ever. Better yourself and each step you take, you will be closer to love.

Don’t push away love and don’t let your negative feelings and emotions be in control of you. Stay hopeful that love will come to you. You are worthy of having love and you will find it if you can change your mindset and be more positive.