Do You Love Him Too Much? Find Out!

Love Him Too Much

There are many women that love a man so much that they make their whole lives revolve around them. The day is happy when he is loving and kind and treats you good and you will give all of your love in the relationship in hopes that he will appreciate you the same.

Since your love is what gives him energy, he will shine bright. Even when he makes plans that don’t include you, finding other things more important, you don’t care about this because you love him. What happens though when you love someone too much?

There are many women that look at love as always giving. Women are always giving themselves to others and they are people that support the relationship making the man feel important and powerful. The identity that a woman has is defined by proving her love to other and the identity of a man is defined by how he gives and provides for his woman and the household. A women will feel strong when her man is happy and even if she is getting nothing in return, it still is important to her.

Here are some signs that you might be loving your man a little too much:

  • Doing Whatever to Make Him Happy

Do you have a man that is constantly forgetting to text you back but always remembering when he needs his needs net? Does he seem distant or unappreciative of what you do for him? Do you spend hours working on his favorite meal in the kitchen or doing things to make his life easier?

Even though this wears you out, you love him, and you find that doing everything for him, even though demanding, is what you want to do. But the problem is, your man might see you more as a mother than someone that he wants to be with. Sometimes women that are overly caring for what their man needs will cause the man to not see you for who you are but just for a nurturer.

  • Putting Yourself Down While Raising Him Up

There are women that will do whatever it takes to make their man feel important. This means that they will even put themselves down to make him feel more superior. Women have been conditioned to believe that men are smarter, harder workers, the providers of the home and more. This has changed over time as women became more liberated.

If you are someone that is always raising your man up while putting yourself down, chances are that instead of him loving this, he is probably thinking that you are pathetic. Thinking that he is smarter, more capable, and more important to you makes your self-worth sizzle out.

  • Spending All of Your Time with Him

One of the worst things that a woman can do is to stop hanging out with her friends just so she can spend time with her man. You should have different types of relationships and if you are always hanging up with your friends or canceling your plans with them, you love your man too much.

In order to keep your relationship good, have friendships because this is a reward for you, and you need time with people outside of your relationship.

  • Unmet Goals

The goals that you have might have been important before you met your man, but now what? If you find that you have abandoned your goals or your career because you want him to reach his goals, chances are that you love him too much. If you are someone that has put your goals on the hold for too long, you will miss out on what you want.

  • Sucking Up

Sucking up to your man doesn’t make him better but it only causes him to lose respect for you. Even if someone women know that their man is wrong, they will take the blame to keep them happy. If you find that you are always the one that is apologizing first or you are always taking the blame when something goes wrong, you will have no self-respect.

  • Submitting to His Sexual Desires

Love and sex go hand in hand, and this isn’t always what is on the woman’s mind. If you have a man that is always pushing you to have sex and you let him have his way, this is not being intimate with each other. You will get to the point where you feel used. Try saying no sometimes and see what happens.

  • Giving and Not Getting

If you’re constantly giving to your man and he has everything that he wants such as new tools, a new vehicle, all the clothing that he wants and you have given up the things you desire so that he can have what he wants, chances are that you are giving too much and not getting in return. Even though many women deny themselves and they feel that they don’t deserve anything, this is not true.

  • Forgetting the Boundaries

There are women that will allow their man to get them to do whatever they want. Some women will give into this. This can mean that you allow one of his friends to come and stay, messing up your home, for a week or you let him bring home animals that you don’t want in your home. Instead of appreciating your boundaries, he forgets or ignores that you have them.

This is disrespectful and if you’re always forgetting your boundaries then chances are that you love him too much and you will end up resenting him for how he treats you.

Loving someone means that you have respect for them and that you set boundaries. Boundaries are there to keep everyone in the relationship happy and safe. You can set as many boundaries as you need to, and you have the right to have these. Even if you choose to sacrifice to show him that you love him, this shouldn’t be something that happens constantly.

Love yourself enough to let him meet your needs and to let him love you and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. Stop giving without getting something in return.