Using Yin and Yang Energy in Love

Yin and Yang Energy in Love

Yin yang is a philosophy that is based on teachings and religions, and it helps to understand the secrets that people have in life such as a job or even in relationships. When you want to build a good union with someone, yin and yang energies can help.

Yin yang in love means that there is more that matters than a feeling but that being connected in the heart plays a big role on top of these things:

  • Relationship Roles

According to yin and yang energies, people in relationships have different roles. They have the responsibilities that they have to make happen to help keep the relationship working correctly. This doesn’t mean gender roles or being submissive or dominate, it is just what has to do with the vibes that are released in the relationship.

For example, it is one role to make sure that there is peace in the house and another role to help keep the relationship fun and exciting. Both of these roles are needed and are equally important.

  • Being Yourself

You have to learn to love yourself and to be loyal to who you are. You should never allow the influence of others to stop you from being someone different than who you are. When you use yin yang to allow someone to connect to your heart, this doesn’t mean that the love should make you someone different. You should be able to love someone, and this increase your energies and makes them strong.

Yin yang is one thing that teaches you how to love and accept yourself better.

  • Accepting Others

Besides accepting yourself, you have to learn to accept others. With yin yang energies, you should be able to accept who you are and then you should accept your partner for just who they are.

It doesn’t matter how much you love someone; the one thing is that you should never want to change them and if there are changes needed then they need to decide to make the changes for themselves without you trying to force it.

  • Equality

Yin yang encourages relationships to understand that even though there are two entities or there is a duality, that the parts are equal. The meaning of this philosophy says that you can see that in relationships that there has to be some kind of equal existence. Everything that is equal should be significant and full of quality.

This philosophy does realize that there are different genders, and that people aren’t the same, but they should have qualities that make them stronger such as their morals, virtues, and their spiritual self.

  • Living Life Together

Yin and yang energies are united, and they have union energies. They are a symbol of being unified and a symbol of life. When you see these things in a relationship, you need to realize that together, life should make two people closer and should make them together and not separate.

Even though each individual will be their own person, together they should be stronger. They should be able to be together and able to make anything happen. When there is this kind of bond, it is not easily broken.

  • Attracting Opposites

Yin and yang is two totally different energies, but they are also unified. This philosophy shows you that even though there are two different energies, they can work together for good. Yin and yang are opposite, but they make things better and they complement each other. Even when they are different, they can be compatible.

This can be little things such as being able to go on vacation together and driving together. One is driving and the other person is reading the map. They are two opposites, but they work together to make things work out for the best.

This is like fire and water where fire keeps thing hot, and water cools it down when it needs to be cooled.

  • Making Room for Growth

Growth is something that is needed in all parts of life. Yin and yang is about change and about living your life the best that you can. To do this, energy has to change. The great thing is that energy doesn’t just go away, nor can it be destroyed but it does change.

Change means growth and growth is something that is necessary to make relationships work out for the best.

  • Bringing Balance

Taoism is where yin and yang started and one of the philosophies of Taoism is that there has to be balance. Balance brings goodness and health into any relationship. You have to be able to be balanced in your relationships and when the two energies balance each other, it makes the union perfect.

If you want to have a perfect balance of peace and fun, intimacy and emotions, male and female energy, you have to have balance.

What is Yin Energy?

Yin energy is a feminine energy, and it shows peace and being quiet. This is also where your shadow self lies. This is a positive and good energy and is represented by the moon. If you are someone with a yin personality, you are probably someone that has dug deep into their dark side.

What is Yang Energy?

Yang energy is masculine energy, and it is light. It is represented by fire and by the sun. This is someone that is going to be full of adventures and someone that is an extrovert. This is a person that is normally easy to get along with.

What Happens in Yin Yang Relationships?

Yin yang relationships can be amazing and the perfect kind of relationship if the principles are met. This teaches you that you need to have balance, peace, acceptance of yourself and each other, that teamwork brings balance and compatibility and that there has to be growth and respect for each other.

Yin and Yang Symbols

Yin and yang represent the male and female energies, peace and harmony, darkness and light and earth and moon. The symbol means growth and connections and a strong union.


Having a good marriage can be based on yin and yang energies. This can be a marriage that is equal. It shows that family is important and if there is going to be a good union then you need to have people by your side to help you and to show you the way.

It shows you that you can be compatible and that you can work together to make the future a better place.

Is That Person a Yin or Yang?

Women don’t have to be a yin just because it is a feminine sign. The best way to find out what symbol a person is, is to find out what their personality is and what kinds of behaviors that they have. If someone is loud and full of energy, they are probably a yang. A yin is someone that is kind, gentle and can be vulnerable.

Final Thoughts

When you want to understand love, look at yin and yang energies. You will see that there are things that can make your relationship strong, but you can also use this as a guide on finding someone that you are more compatible with.