Being Bold in Finding Love

Finding Love

There are so many people that settle in relationships that are fine but are just not what they really want because they decide that it is easier to settle than to get what they want. Many women are taught that they can be happy, and they can have a happy ending but sometimes it is hard to find this happily ever after.

Being in a good relationship that is respectful and full of love is something that most people want when getting into a relationship, but the problem is that people seem to settle in hopes that their partner will eventually change and give them just what they want.

You can blame your partner choice when things mess up or go wrong but most people forget to take the blame for what part that the played. Being in a great relationship can be the best thing that ever happened but being in the wrong relationship can be the worst thing that ever happened.

Of course, you aren’t going to find someone in your life that is perfect, that isn’t even the question. All relationships take hard work and sometimes they go wrong no matter what you do. Relationships will have good times and bad times, even the best relationships struggle sometimes.

The problem though is that people often pretend to be happy so that they can keep their relationship strong when they never were with the right person from the beginning. Everyone wants to have that perfect relationship, but this isn’t a true reality.

Know What You Want

Before you ever find someone to be with, know just what you want. Don’t just settle to have someone in your life because that isn’t what finding true love is about. Stop settling for someone just to have someone in your life or to be able to say that you are in a relationship.

Here are some ways that you can be bold in love:

  • Be Happy Single

You don’t have to be with someone to feel good. Even if society tells you that something is wrong with you if you aren’t dating, don’t listen to that. This can end up causing you more pain than harm by getting with the wrong person.

Put the importance of a good relationship on yourself and who you are first and don’t put it on being in a relationship. When you put more importance of being in a relationship than being happy then you will be more likely to settle and hope that the person makes you happy eventually.

If you are feeling lonely, being with someone won’t fix you unless you find the right person. When you are fine being single and you enjoy it, you won’t get into a relationship for the wrong reasons, and you will wait to find the person that matches your energy. Until then, have fun and enjoy your freedom.

  • Know What You Want

You really have to know what you want in a relationship before you ever get into one. Don’t just settle for part of what you want or go with someone because it feels good at the time. Don’t settle on looks and go deeper than that.

  • Set Boundaries and Rules

Set boundaries and rules with what you want when it comes to dating someone. People that don’t have these things will settle with people that aren’t right for them. If you start seeing red flags, address them right away and don’t ignore them.

It is easy to let your heart fall for someone because of love but if you look at every situation with an open mind and an open heart and keep your desires with you, you will know if you want to be with that person or if you are just settling.

  • Keep Your Heart Free

Don’t just go and date someone because your heart might be longing for love. Don’t forget to look at what is really happening in your life and in your relationships and learn to know the difference between what you want to happen and what is really happening.

Don’t be blind to how you are being treated because you are with someone that you have wanted to date or someone that you find attractive. Just because someone tells you that they love you doesn’t mean that this is always true.

  • Find Out Who They Are

Gather all the information right at the beginning of the person you are dating. Quiz them like a teacher and interview them like a boss. Do this so that you know what you are getting yourself into and so you don’t end up hurt.

Love is like a test, and you need to test your partner in all things. Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • How do they make you feel when they are around you? Do you feel relaxed, or do you feel that you have to put too much effort in?
  • Are they someone trustworthy?
  • Do they listen when you talk?
  • Do they make plans with you first?
  • Do they text you first?
  • How do they treat other people around them like their friends and their family?
  • What kind of character do they have?
  • Do they have integrity?
  • What are their future plans?
  • Do they lie?

Notice the Communication

One of the most important things about a relationship is communication. When you are talking to this person are they listening to you? Notice how they react when you speak. Notice what they do when an uncomfortable topic comes up.

Sometimes it is hard to communicate at first because of nerves and this can be better but make sure that you are having good communication. If you aren’t, this can be an immediate red flag.

Final Thoughts

Finding someone in your life that is going to love you like you want and need to be loved is something most people are looking for. Don’t try and settle though just because you want to have love in your life.

Find someone that will support you, someone that has a great character, someone honest and loyal and someone that is going to love you for who you are at all times. Don’t pretend that there is nothing wrong if you see red flags and if you haven’t found the right person yet, keep waiting. Your future depends on you making the right choices and that includes even in love.