Is It Love or Just a Fling?

Love or Just a Fling

Did you fall in love with someone, and you feel that they are the person that has been chosen perfectly for you? Sometimes women feel that they have met their life time soulmate, and they ask the questions, “How do I really know this?” When this comes up, most likely she wants to have proof that she is with someone that she should be with, and it isn’t just heated passion.

Even women that experience bad judgement calls will sometimes let their guard down too fast, and they will get in the situation where they are in relationships where just sex is important. When a woman shows that she is allowing someone to use her, she will have a hard time discerning the relationship. She might even look at her desires and come up with her own feelings as to what is going on in the relationship.

Looking for a soulmate is normal and a man that is interested in a woman will show certain behavior. A woman’s desire to be romantic and to have a soulmate might sometimes get ignored because of the signs that are in front of her. Women sometimes forget about sensibility, and they will let their emotions take over instead of really seeing what is going on in front of them. This can cause them to be in a pattern where they keep getting in the same bad relationships.

How can a woman know if a soulmate is there for relationship or just for sex?

  • Sexual Draw Instead of Spiritual Chemistry

When a man smiles at a woman from across the room, it can cause hormones to rush. This happens and dopamine and pheromones come to make her feel high. She will feel that she has found her first love. This is an attraction that connects her. If it develops, does it mean he is right for her? Not always.

A spiritual chemistry is something that is more of an experience. This happens with soulmates, and it can be powerful. It is more than a spark and it will cause there to be matches and familiarity in their hearts. The soulmate connection will bring about a drive and will let her be more aware of what she wants and what she needs.

  • Pick Up Lines

A woman wants to be told she is amazing and beautiful. She wants someone to be sincere with her and this can lead to passion. The problem though is that words can be empty, and they don’t always give someone what they want.

Some women need to have healing of their wounds and only a real soulmate can bring this healing to her.

  • Is He Your Soulmate?

Attraction causes a person to feel that they have met their soulmate. This can be how someone looks or how it makes you feel when they smile at you. There are different stereotypes as to what a man should be, and this is machoism. This can be a standard that women have for a soulmate.

This can cause a woman to fall in love with the first person that comes and says something nice or someone that looks good. She might even feel that she has found someone that is going to give her everything that she has ever wanted in a man.

  • Emotional Thoughts and Overload

When a woman hasn’t been with someone for a long time, it can be hard for her to control her thoughts and her emotions. This can cause her to think that someone is perfect for her just because she feels romantic or passionate. This can cause her to be vulnerable to sexual advances and to settle for a man that just wants to have sex.

It is important to find out what kind of commitment she wants in order to know if she has found her soulmate and if she is going to be ready for the relationship that he is offering.

Women that aren’t in control of their emotions or that have emotional patterns often have a hard time discerning if they have found the right person for them or just someone that wants to have sex. A woman needs to look at her tendencies and then understand her own needs and emotions before she ever gets into a real relationship.