Using Reverse Psychology in Love

Put Your Own Needs First

There are different ways that you can get a man to fall for you such as cooking a good dinner, doing nice things for him, or making him feel important by boosting his ego. Another way that you can find love with someone is to ignore him and make him fall for you.

Most women will get into a relationship and when they feel that the relationship might be suffering, they will over react and do whatever it takes to make him pay attention to her again. There are ways that you can use reverse psychology and ignore him to make him fall for you.

Using Reverse Psychology

Here are some ways that you can use reverse psychology for your advantage:

  • Put Your Own Needs First

You have to stop putting his needs first in everything and learn to put your own needs above his. If you don’t stop doing this, chances are that he will take advantage of you, and you will never make him fall for you. He will use you for whatever you will give him.

Don’t make him think that you are always available and there for him whenever he calls or messages but make him wonder why you aren’t giving him attention.

  • Love Yourself

Another thing that you need to do is to learn to love yourself and focus on your own needs. Don’t just look like you have something else to do but find things to do. Don’t wonder if he is going to call you soon but be so busy that even if he does call you might not be able to get it right now.

Find new friends, take a class, join an exercise program or something else that you find fun. How available that you are to a man is important to how he responds to you. Don’t always be free to hang out with him or to be there when he calls you. Make him learn to appreciate you.

Women that are independent are interesting and are attractive and so you shouldn’t keep changing your plans to be with him when he is ready.

  • Make Him Chase You

Dating is a game of hunting and chasing. If you let him catch you too fast, he will not be there to play the game anymore. You need to make him feel like he can’t have you and if he gets you then he needs to work hard to get you. A woman who is challenging can be very attractive.

Don’t settle on a guy and then be there every second but just wave and smile and go on about your own way. If he asks you out, don’t tell him yes right away but make him wait.

  • Don’t Reply Fast

One thing that women often do is to reply super quickly when someone they like messages them. This has to change, and you need to do the opposite. Let him wait for a replay when he texts you. You might wonder how long this should be, but the answer is within you. It can be like an hour, or it can be even a day. Do whatever you think will make him not feel comfortable and make him realize he is waiting on you.

Ignoring him when he texts you takes work, and you need to take time to reply so that he will wonder why you aren’t giving him attention and why you aren’t texting him back. This will make him think about you more.

  • Keep Him Wondering

You can play the game and not feel bothered or interested by him by not texting him quickly but then giving him a bit of attention here and there. You can answer his texts right away today and act flirty but then tomorrow don’t answer him at all. Don’t let things be constant with him and make him hope that you will text him back.

  • Jealousy Works

Men don’t like it when other men come into the picture even if they aren’t with someone. If they are interested in, you then chances are when another man talks to you then they will be jealousy. If you can make am a feel jealous, then he will give you more attention. He will see that other men are threats, and he will do what it takes to win you over.

Don’t go too far though and make him think that you are interested in someone else, or he might decide to let you have him.

  • Keep Emotions in Check

Women will often not get the attention that they want from a man because they get too emotional around someone that they like. This can scare the man away. They get scared because men have a hard time understanding feelings and even being able to express their own.

If you have feelings that are hard to keep in control, don’t share them or show them around your crush. Be calm when you react to things around them.

Final Thoughts

When you try these things above you will see that reverse psychology and ignoring him will drive him crazy and keep him hooked and interested in the relationship. Make sure that you keep things both hot and cold at first and see where the relationship goes.