Using Tarot Cards to Predict Relationships

Tarot Cards to Predict Relationships

Do you ever wonder what is going to happen in your relationship? If you do, you can find out by looking at the tarot cards and how the spread gives you information. Who is the person that you are most in love with at the time? Find out if you are going to be able to make the relationship work by pulling one card at a time.

Here is what they can mean for your relationship:

  • Two of Cups

This is a card that is sometimes referred to as the soulmate card. When you get this card when you do a spread, it can mean that you have a match. It can also mean that you are equal to your partner and that you feel that your entire life is a strong connection with the person you are with. No matter how the relationship goes, you will remember this person for your whole life.

  • Three of Swords

This card is one that is a traditional card, and it will show you what will happen and if things will be bad. You might be in a place where you are breaking up with someone and you have core wounds.

The swords in this card can mean a triangle and this can be the warning of a love triangle. You might not have the relationship that you want with that person, and they might even cheat on you. If this happens, you need to not take that lightly.

  • Ten of Cups

This is a card that can tell you if you are jealous. It can also tell you that your family, friends and loved ones will be supportive of you.

  • The Devil

The Devil card is one that can have multipole interpretations. This card can be a warning that you might be in a relationship full of abuse or that you or your partner might be in an addictive state.

There can be relationships that aren’t working out well and you find that you aren’t able to leave even if you are miserable. This card is one that is masculine and if you see it, it can also mean that you need to connect with your inner self.

  • The Five of Pentacles

This is a bleak card in the deck, and it can mean that there are two souls that are just wandering around. In a relationship, this can be a positive thing that even though things are dark, if you stay positive then you will have those that are close by your side. If you support your partner, they will be loyal to you. You might have a hard time doing this, but it means that if you are selfless then you can see great things happen to you.

  • The Eight of Cups

This is a card that is easy to interpret. It says that you will probably get tired of your relationship and so don’t get too comfortable in it.

  • The Lovers

The Lovers card is the best card that you can get but it doesn’t mean that your love will last forever. This card can mean that you have love that is consuming you and that you are infatuated with the person you are with. It can also mean that you feel the best when you are getting work done but you don’t know where the relationship is going to go.

When the passion fades, you might have to balance your relationship and move forward without getting too hurt.

  • Death

The Death card doesn’t mean that you’re going to die. This can also mean that a change is going to happen. If you have been in your relationship for a while, you might see that the relationship is evolving, and you need to get rid of the bad habits that you have. You should only worry about this card if there is violent cards that come like the Nine of Swords card or the Tower card.

Final Thoughts

When you are getting a reading because you want to know more about your future relationships, the best thing that you can do is to look at the tarot cards for answers. Ask the right questions and see if there is a change that you need to make. The cards don’t mean that your relationship will be bad, but they can also show you how you can take negative things and turn them into something better.


  1. The interpretations of the tarot cards in this context are indeed compelling. It seems that each card carries a significant weight that could provide meaningful insights for those interested in the mystic arts.

  2. The analysis provided here is intriguing. It’s fascinating how tarot cards can be used to reflect on various dimensions of a relationship. The explanations are clear and cover a broad spectrum of potential situations.

  3. This article provides a comprehensive overview of how tarot cards can be interpreted in relation to romantic relationships. The range of cards and their meanings offer a nuanced perspective on different aspects of a relationship, which I found quite interesting.

  4. The detailed breakdown of each card and its implications for a relationship is well done. While I am personally skeptical about tarot readings, I can see how this could be valuable for someone looking for guidance or introspection.

  5. This article does a good job of explaining some of the popular tarot cards and their relevance to relationships. Whether one believes in tarot or not, the symbolic meanings behind the cards can still provide food for thought.


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