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How Twin Flames Send Psychic Messages

w Twin Flames Send Psychic MessagesPeople continually send psychic messages back and forth, whether we are aware of it or not. However, some psychic messages are more important and stronger than others. These are those received from your twin flame. While the term soul mate is well known, twin flame is often overlooked.

Many do not know or understand what a twin flame is or that it is different from a soul mate that is far more common terminology wise.  Soulmate is said to make life complete, but a twin flame is so much more.

Twin Flames Defined

Twin flames are two halves that join to make a whole. This happens because our souls are created with energy that glows. When we are born the soul splits into two and this other half is your twin flame. We all have one. A twin flame helps us to grow and change spiritually from creation, through lives, and once we are made perfect beings. Twin flames are opposite in consciousness because these pairings are what we need to evolve. Think Yin and Yang or the Alpha and Omega. Your twin flame is the only person that can truly complete you.

Different from Soul Mates

As mentioned, soulmates and twin flames are different. A twin flame is made from the same soul splitting and rarely are they incarnated in the same lifetime. We only have a single twin flame that shares a soul frequency, even though you will be as different as night and day. If a twin flame reincarnates at the same time, it is for the purpose of a major lesson, for reuniting, or to achieve completion.

On the other hand, soulmates are part of your soul family, but from a different soul and will be reborn together across lifetimes. A person can have multiple soulmates and share numerous characteristics with these people. These soulmates can come into each other’s lives as friends, family, romantic pairings or any form of relationship to work toward a goal.

Energy and Communication between Twin Flames

Since twin flames are not typically reborn at the same time, the half in the spiritual realm serves as a support to the half on earth by sending guidance and energy. The twin flames can send messages in multiple ways, which will be explained.

Twin Telepathy

Twin flame communication is done telepathically through things like dream messaging, astral projections, and psychic visions. Each will be explained.

Dream Messaging

Dream messaging is common in twin telepathy. A dream that feels as if it is not originating from you is likely from a twin flame. The dream may feel urgent or focused on a message that you need to know. These tend to come in times of confusion or a life changing event as a way to offer guidance and wisdom during the time.

Astral Projection

If you have mastered astral projection, there is a chance of meeting your twin flame. Gifted psychics often reach out in this way because there are times your twin flame will choose to accompany you through astral travel to help you overcome challenges. They may also help during this time to help you reach spiritual goals that you have set.

Visual and Verbal Communication (Psychic)

If both twin flames are born at the same time, chaos ensues, but there is a purpose. You will know if you meet your twin flame because you will be drawn together like a magnet. A single look will let you know the importance of this person to your life. You may seem like best friends after only minutes of speaking.


There are ways in which we inadvertently block messages from our twin flames. These will be shared below.

Mental Preoccupation

A noisy mind can instantly block a twin flame message. If you are continually mentally preoccupied the message will not likely get through.

Outside Influences

Others can block twin flame messages, including soulmates. This is especially true of intense romances, so make sure you find balance in life with a bit of alone time to meditate and try to connect with your twin flame.


Soul congestion does not allow anything to get through because there is no space for the twin flame’s energy and guidance. You have to relax and remove large stressors to balance your life. If these blocks cannot be removed alone, consult a psychic to help you contact a twin flame.

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