The Power Between Twin Flames

The Power Between Twin Flames

How do you explain the interest that you feel when you meet certain people?  This is a question that many people ask when they are wanting to understand the powerful connection between twin flames.

There are different reasons that a twin flame relationship differs from other types of relationships and it is important to look at the qualities of these relationships to understand why the attraction between a twin flame is so powerful.


A twin flame connection can happen and can cause there to be a pull between one another.   This type of attraction can be sexual chemistry and it can be overwhelming when the person has the desire to get to know them better.

These relationships are so powerful, and the feelings can be strong, and this can happen even when a twin flame is pushed away from their relationship.  The opposite of love is hate and the opposite of magnetism is revulsion.  Revulsion can happen in a twin flame relationship and this is when the magnetic forces are backwards, and you feel indifferent about your twin flame.  This magnetism can be a love or a hate and either way it can gather your attention to it.

If you have a person in your family who always demands you to be great and pushes you beyond your limit, it can cause you to be frustrated and to not want to be around them.  The same thing can happen in a twin flame relationship.  They can come along, and you can feel that you are frustrated by them or you don’t want to be around them.

Awaken Our Potential

No matter how you view a twin flame, as an enemy or a best friend, they will always awaken your spirit.  They will show you who you are and will show you parts of yourself that you have hidden away or denied for a long time.  This person can be part of your soul and even if you admire their qualities, their best quality will be that they will make you see yourself like you never have before.

Your twin flame holds a part of you that you have never seen before and that is why you are so attracted to them.  Take their relationship as a gift for yourself.

Divinely Inspired

Remember, a twin flame relationship comes from the divine and if you feel that your relationship is driven by your ego, then you will be missing the point of your twin flame.   Most of the time, people choose a relationship based on finances or looks.  There are conditions that we look for that makes us feel good.

In a twin flame relationship though, we see our relationship become so strong that it takes away our ego and brings on spiritual growth.  We no longer focus on individual differences or the threat of growing.  We desire this and even though the relationship will not always be easy, it will be a journey that we all need to take.

It is up to you to find harmony in the relationship and to align yourself with your twin flame.  Stop resisting them and have faith in the universe.

Breaking Up and Getting Together

You and your twin flame will have a relationship that will not go away.  Even if there are problems and if you separate for a while, you will not stay separate from them.  You will keep growing together and will come to harmony, eventually.

The twin flame connection might break up and come back together many times in the journey.  This is not always a bad thing and it is usually the result of manipulation.  This happens when one of you are not ready for the relationship and you have to grow and learn to be together.  This is spiritual growth and is a challenge and many people are afraid of this.

There will be problems that come and there will be time where opportunity brings you together as a partner.  If your relationship is hurtful then it might mean that you need to get rid of things from the past.

If you run away or your twin flame does, this separation is not personal and it doesn’t mean the relationship is over, but what it means is that you need to grow more.

Give into the relationship and know that this relationship is aiding your growth and when you are done resisting it, you will see that it can be a joyful ride into your future.


  1. Breaking up and getting back together appears to be a recurrent theme in twin flame relationships. The explanation provided indicates that these cycles are necessary for spiritual development, which is a reassuring perspective for those experiencing turmoil.

  2. The emphasis on not resisting the twin flame relationship and embracing it for personal growth is an important takeaway. The article effectively outlines how these relationships are not just about companionship, but about evolving as individuals.

  3. The concept of magnetism in twin flame relationships is particularly compelling. The description of attraction and revulsion being two sides of the same coin offers a unique way of understanding complex emotions.

    • Indeed, and the notion that these relationships demand spiritual growth rather than just emotional or physical attraction is thought-provoking. It adds a deeper dimension to the connection.

    • I agree. The idea that twin flames can trigger both love and frustration aligns with my own experiences. It seems like a powerful dynamic that aims to promote personal growth.

  4. The article provides a fascinating perspective on twin flame relationships. It is intriguing how these connections can bring out hidden aspects of ourselves, whether positive or negative.

  5. The article suggests that twin flame relationships are divinely inspired and transcend ego-driven motivations. This aligns with the idea that such connections are meant to foster spiritual growth and self-awareness.


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