Meeting Your Twin Flame in Person

Meeting Your Twin Flame in Person

Meeting Your Twin Flame in PersonMeeting your twin flame is much more than falling in love.  Twin flames are meant to be more than a love affair, it is having deep feelings of love for a person and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them.

When you meet your twin flame, it can feel confusing because your twin flame is someone that the books and the movies portray in their “finding the perfect match” shows and movies.  If you have a certain someone that you are positive you are supposed to be with, and you have feelings that make it even more than a perfect match then the twin encounter is what you are probably experiencing.

Having a twin encounter can cause your life to be turned around and upside down and it can become an extensive game of chasing and running, and you will never want to be away from the one that you really love.

Side Effects

Most people choose not to talk about what finding a twin flame causes, but it can put you on a mission to Ascension.  This is tied closely to the twin flame because this is the time where we have come onto the Earth in order to assist the ascension of the planet and all the people that live on it.  This might seem confusing to you, but nothing is too big for aspiration and the twin flame is one thing that you should hope to find so that you have someone to share your hopes and dreams with.

Ascension always sounds scary, but the fact is, ascension is not something that is a monster, but it is something that can help you to move to other dimensions.  Don’t let yourself be stressed or overwhelmed by your journey and you do not need to become a master at ascension, just yet.

This type of process is more of a way that you can take a journey but that you can take it with someone that you love and want to be with.  This dimensional shift also can be a passage to keep moving up.  Some people believe that the 5th dimension is a dimension that is not seen, and it is a time where the physical and spiritual experiences are hard to accept as reality.  We can see our 3D perception that is ready to shift and change.

It is important to know that there are side effects of a twin encounter and this is because you are connecting with the twin that you will have on the Earth and this can accelerate the shift of the dimension that you find yourself in.

Some of the side effects of this can be stressful, while some of them you will not even notice.  While others are having symptoms, you realize that you just have to wait it out and drink fluids, take vitamins and wait for it to shift.

The shifting can take up to 7-10 days but hopefully you can learn to relax and know that things will be okay.  Side effects are just a normal part of your journey.

Side Effect of Losing Friends

When you shift to a different dimension, you will see that there are people around you that you are beginning to disconnect with.  You might have felt close to them once before, but now you are no longer feeling the same about them.

These people can cause vibrations and can cause other friends to feel weird when they are around, and this is because the vibrations do not match.  When you have a twin flame, you will notice that hardly any of your old friends will stay friends with you.  They will think that you are no longer cool or that you replaced them with your twin.  But the truth is, the twin is the person that you need to be with because no matter what you do or go through, they understand you and want to be part of your life.

All of these things happen when you find your twin encounter, people begin shifting friends and your vibrational frequency will change but at the same time, you will connect stronger with your twin.

Side Effect of Changing Jobs

The shift will also affect your job and the experiences that you have there.  Before you get to this point, chances are that you will be fired or that your job will no longer be accessible to you.   Your soul will work hard to make sure that you are on the path you are meant to be on.

This means that you have to accept it when things change and be ready to shift.  Even though this can be uncomfortable, your new line of work could be the perfect place to find your soul for life friends.

You will see later that embracing this is just another part of your journey.

Side Effect of Disconnecting from Certain Family

Even though disconnecting from friends will seem natural, this can also happen with people in your family.  If they do not have forgiveness and do not want to spend time with you then you need to learn to forgive them and to move on to other relationships that are more tolerant and keep the nonsense at bay.

Try to stay on the right path and if you have family that leaves your life then do not be upset or blame yourself for it.  This is part of the frequency that is around you and it causes them to be uncomfortable.  Regardless of if you are part of the same family, people that are close to you do not have to stay close to you if they are not loving you.

Side Effect of Disconnecting from Negativity

When you shift to a different dimension, you will have a frequency that will become less tolerant and you will find that you have a hard time dealing with certain behaviors that people have.  Sometimes, the more committed to the truth that you are, the more that you will have less tolerance.  This doesn’t mean that you stop liking people or looking down on them, it just means that you know what you need and want.

Side Effect of Moving Houses

Another side effect is that you will want to change where you live.  Everything in your world is changing and you will want to change your home and your furniture.

If the place that you live now is not aligned to your new dimension, then you will have a desire to change houses and to do what gives you the best options.  The shift doesn’t mean that you have to be homeless, it just means that you need to change your life and find a new mission.

This could also mean that your finances change, and you will learn how to have unlimited abundance and the Universe will take care of you.

Side Effect of Getting Fit

You will see that you are beginning to look younger and that you want to get fit.  When the dimensions shift, you will want to change your diet and get rid of junk foods.  You will want to have less sugar and less caffeine and eat more vegetables and less animal-based foods.

This is natural because you are becoming attracted to foods that cause your vibrations to raise.  These shifts can help you to have healthier skin and to feel better and look younger.

Side Effect of Having Love

When you find your twin flame, you will see love at a level that you have never seen it before.   You will experience romance and will also be a person that is actively trying to connect with your twin.  You will see that whatever connection that you have that there is a depth about it that is like nothing else.

Most twin flames will not have sex until they can be with their twin and who they have really connected with.  This changes your whole idea on what love is and what you should feel.  This is love not based on any fear.

Side Effect of No More Drug or Alcohol Use

When you want your vibrations to raise, you will need to make sure that you remove the toxins and that you remove alcohol and drugs from your system.  You need to love yourself and not take your past and run with it but to give up things to make your future better.

Twin flames find that they no longer need drugs or alcohol and that they really just need to live life.  If your twin flame uses drugs or alcohol, these are just demons and dragons that they need help with.  They need to beat the addiction and you can help them by increasing your own vibrations.

Side Effect of Being a Born-Again Virgin

Sometimes, you can become a Divine Feminies and see that you have met your Divine Masculine.  When this happens and you have sex, then you will see that you are more satisfied, and you can commit to them because of how they make you feel.

On the other hand, you might wait to have sex and not start yet because you or your twin are not ready yet.

Side Effect of Spiritual Gifts

Even if you are smart, your twin flame and the ascension will sometimes change so fast that it makes you  feel that you do not know what you are thinking or talking about.  It can cause a weird balance to happen and can cause you to have nee experiences that you do not understand.  This shift can also make you smarter and can help you to find new abilities that you didn’t know that you had.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a healer or a teacher, all it means is that you will have more gifts.  You need to embrace these gifts and see where they go.  By the time you hit a new year, some family members will adopt the new age ideas over many things and more books will be published about it.

Side Effect of Losing Your Ego

Even though you won’t really lose your ego, you will stop letting it control you.  You will start to follow a divine path and you will know that you are doing the right thing.  When you become more anchored in what is going on around you, you will be able to surrender important ideas on the twin journey and will find that there are causes for different desires that are not being seen in the physical.  If you can be more neutral, you will see that your desires can become real and that you will have more side effects that change your identity.  This is part of the dimensional change and you want to make sure that you are doing what is right so that you do not get into any kind of trouble and that you are protected.