3 Ways the Universe Tells You that You’ve Met Your Life Partner

3 Ways the Universe Tells You that You’ve Met Your Life Partner

You might be wondering how you will know when you met the right person for you.  Perhaps it has been a while since your last great love, or you might be wondering why your partner hasn’t taken a bigger leap forward in your romance.  While life never offers and guarantees, there are three key points to be mindful when you are looking for confirmation that you met the love of your life.

  1. They are invested in you achieving success!

A successful life partner is one who will be your biggest cheerleader and never seek to sabotage your growth or potential.  They are unwavering in their joy when you hit milestone on your various projects or interests.  Sure, they are also invested in their personal success and happiness, but it will never be at their partner’s expense.

  1. They love, accept, and treasure the authentic you!

You will know that you have a healthy union when you discover your lover doesn’t aspire to change you or create you into someone who you are not!  Love means being patient, true and respectful to each other the same amount in and out of the public eye.  Someone who treats you one way at home and a vastly different way with their other loved ones or is hypercritical of you in public is not fully invested in real love.  Instead this person is trying to create their “perfect” mate and you will never be able to meet these lofty expectations, which will cause you unnecessary pain.

Pay attention to your intuition for any potential red flags.  These will materialize as gut reactions.  If you sense your partner wants to change you fundamentally, and not mere airing a concern that is meant to help you grow, this is a signal that they are not willing to accept the true you.  If you feel like you are being manipulated, leave the relationship.  This is a clear indication of a controlling person and incapable of loving you in the manner of which you deserve.

Only settle for a mate who is capable of seeing the true essences of you, and loves, respects and treasures that fact.  They should inspire and encourage you to better yourself physically, mentally and spiritually as long as it aligns with your best interests and goals.  True love means feeling supported because it benefits you and not serving to advance an underlying motive.

  1. They express selfless and pure motives for your well-being

Look for the sincerest suitor during your quest for love.  This person should take their time getting to know you and best present during your interactions.  This should evolve into a relationship without a sense of give-and-take, but instead a benevolent desire to care for one another with appropriate levels of affection and attention without any unreasonable expectations.  You both should hold the same appreciative view of one another no matter where you live, your income, social circles, beliefs or ability to return efforts.

Of course, it takes hard work to grow and maintain a healthy relationship. But pay attention to how the work is being done.  Does it feel like a chore or a worthy adventure?  When you both have these three cornerstones in your relationship you will find the work actually allows you both to grow as individuals and reinforces your bond as a couple.