Working Through Your Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame Journey

One of the hardest parts of a spiritual journey might be the Twin Flame journey. This kin of relationship is part of your soul, and it is hard to deal with because of the different cycles and patterns that happen. This is a time where your soul can have healing.

Finding Your Purpose

The idea behind the Twin Flame journey is that it isn’t there for you to have a union, but it is a time that you can find your purpose and what your soul is meant to be doing. This is a time that lightworkers, twin flames, soulmates and others can increase their journey and find their right path.

The way that consciousness works will wake up and this is time that when there is a union that it might be hard and not an easy journey. For the twin flames to be in their union, they have to both be healed and they have to both have learned their life lessons.

The healing has to take place and it has to work throughout the journey. If you look around you, you will see that there are going to be people that judge you and that are highly angry or insensitive. These people feel the energies around them, and these energies make them sick.

They might feel that they can’t sleep, are tired or are not able to have the energy to feel good that they hoped for.


The energy during the twin flame journey might be hard and will be hard until they are aware of their feelings and emotions. Some will have something happen in their life and this will cause their emotions to be stronger.

They have to be careful about how they respond to things and how they react when things happen. The emotions that they have work with the universe and as they heal, they will be able to take the situation into their own hands.

Triggering a Blessing

You will see that this is a time that you will be blessed with healing, and you will learn to let go of toxic relationships and things that are hurtful to your journey.  You have to learn to be mindful of the twin flame relationship and as you heal you will create your union.

Free Will

If you choose to not live your life to the best of your abilities, you will have to keep facing karmic patterns. You will have free will and you will use your twin flame relationship to learn lessons that are there for you. There will be a runner and chaser and you will see that you have to let go of things that don’t serve you.

Believe in the universe and as you realize that you can grow and that you are enough, you will see that you are choosing to live your best life. The twin flame relationship that you have will be different from the movies and you will see that everyone’s path is different.

You will have to work hard on who you are, change, grow and live a good life before you ever can embrace your true twin flame journey. This is not about being romantic with someone, but it is about getting rid of toxic things, finding strength, and growing from the situations and circumstances that are holding you back.