When Psychics Tell You Things You Don’t Want to Hear

When Psychics Tell You Things You Don’t Want to Hear

Have you ever gone to a psychic, and you were in a relationship and the psychic told you that you would not get married to the person that you were with? What feelings became associated with that? Did it cause you to feel depressed or make you question the idea of being with your partner?  Did you have doubts and worries and fear because you were then confused about what might come next?

There are many people that have went to psychics or mediums and have asked if they are with the right partner in their life. Sometimes they are told that they will live happily ever after but what happens when they are told that they should leave their partner?  What if they have had their own version of what they see the future to look like and it is happy and carefree, unlike what the psychic told them?

Trusting Others Over Yourself

We have all been in a place where we give our authority to other people that we think know more than us. When we are young, we let our parents be our authority, our teachers, our doctors, and other adults. We learn to trust others and we forget to trust ourselves.

As we grow, we learn to listen to the voices inside of ourselves and we learn to discern between what we hear inside our soul and what our brain is telling us. We know that we have a different choice, and we can follow whichever we want.

Predetermined Fate

Some people believe that there is one path for you while others believe that there are many paths and choices that you can make in life. This is why you are given free will to make mistakes. Mistakes are a way that you can grow and learn more about who you are and about the world around you.

We allow the pressure of life to come to us and instead of letting it help us to grow, we release it, and we think that we have to stay quiet and let fate have its toll.


Many people have doubt and confusions in their life and sometimes this comes to you because you need to know more about your relationship. You look at your partner that you love, and you wonder if you can ever set your relationship in line and make it really work to how you want it to work.

You need to learn to look inside and see what kind of thoughts you have about love. You need to understand what you believe about the idea of a soulmate and pay attention to the signs that your soul gives you.

Doing this will help you to learn to discern more inside of you and to know the difference between what is real and the mental chatter that you have that can confuse you. Keep your heart open and make sure that you are following the actions that the universe is giving you.

There are signs and psychics all around, but you have to learn to trust your inner being and the wisdom that the world has given you. You don’t have to ever accept something just because it is fate, and you know that the choices that you make each day can change the way things happen in your life.

If you are submissive because of fear, you will see that you are not battling the right things. You must manifest things to your life that are going to help you. You can either choose to accept things in your life or you can work to get past your struggles. Listen to what your inner being says and allow your heart to be strong.