What Happens When You Have a Karmic Work Relationship?

Karmic Work Relationship

Karmic relationships are interesting and some of these bonds are hard to deal with because there is so much strain and so many challenges in a karmic relationship. Each karmic relationship that you have is for a purpose and will help you to be a better person and to learn the lessons that you need to become stronger.

A karmic relationship can make you feel that you are being punished and it can be relationships where you hardly ever enjoy time with the other person without fighting with them.

Peace is something that you rarely see with a karmic relationship.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are relationships from your past life that are there to teach you a lesson so that you can evolve and stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

People sometimes get into these relationships and then they feel stuck because the relationships are hard to deal with. There are ways that you can tell if you are in a karmic relationship if you pay attention.

Some karmic relationships start with the couple being madly in love, but the struggles are so hard with this person that they wonder if they should keep trying or not.

This helps you to learn lessons about love and helps you to become stronger.

How Long Do Karmic Relationships Last?

A karmic relationship is all about growth and all about you becoming a better person. This kind of relationship will last as long as it takes you to learn your lesson. This can end badly and can be heartbreaking along the way but there is no true answer as to how long it will last.

Sometimes karmic relationships cause you to end up hurt and if they last too long, chances are that you will not learn your lesson and you will end up in the same situation again.

Spotting a Karmic Relationship

Every relationship is different and not everyone has the same outcome. Some people will reap a bad relationship because of their past life.

You have to figure out what kind of relationship that you are in and you can tell this by different signs or patterns that you see.

When you find that you keep repeating the same situations over and over again in your relationship, chances are that you have not learned your lesson and your karmic relationships will keep coming.

Fighting and struggling and short relationships can all be signs of karmic connections.

Why Karmic Relationships?

Karmic relationships are supposed to teach you a lesson that you have failed to learn. These types of relationships are important for you to have spiritual growths.

Being in these kinds of relationships can be hard but if you allow them to challenge you and to teach you things then you can grow and change.

Can They Work?

When you understand that a karmic relationship is full of challenges, you might still wonder if one could actually work out for you. A karmic relationship could work for you, but all relationships are different.

Maybe you have an ex that doesn’t want to let you out of their life or maybe your relationship is so trying that it makes it hard to work through the issues.

Karmic relationships can be hard for some people and if you are not emotionally stable enough then this kind of relationship will be hard.

Karma can be a part of any relationship and this is something that you cannot get away from. There will be strong emotions in a karmic relationship and even though you might not have the option to work the relationship out, you still need to work through the problems the best you can.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

There are some signs that you can notice if you are going through a karmic relationship such as:

Repeating Patterns

If you find that you and your partner are always together, broke up, together, broke up, this on and off relationship can be a big warning sign for you that you are in a karmic relationship.

If you have this pattern, chances are that you are in a karmic relationship.


Relationships are giving and take and if you or your partner are always constantly taking without giving back equally, you are probably in a karmic relationship.

Everyone in a relationship has needs and when you or your partner are not fulfilling those needs, there is selfishness, and this will cause the relationship to be raw.

Addictive Feelings

Relationships are both good and bad and when one person in the relationship becomes obsessive or addictive of the other person, there is probably karma involved.


Neither person in the relationship should be controlling and the role of the relationship should be to make each other happy.

If controlling is happening, this can be a major sign.


Most people in karmic relationships feel at first like they have met the person they are supposed to be with forever. They have feelings for this person that are deep, and they feel that they fit together perfectly.

This kind of relationship often ends in abuse because one or the other have a hard time leaving.

Strong Connection

A karmic relationship will be someone that you instantly connect with. When you meet this person it will feel that you have known them forever.


A karmic relationship can be addictive and when you start relying on this person, you can become dependent on them.

You might be in a relationship where you have to ask your partner for any kind of permission just to do anything.


People in karmic relationships will make you be fearful. You will worry that they are going to reject you or leave you.

You will always feel that you have to guard your heart so that it doesn’t get broken.

Wild Behaviors

Maybe you have become vulnerable to your partner. If you are with a karmic partner, they will take these vulnerabilities and use them against you. You might start acting like that person and you will do this because you want them to love you.

Dark Side

These relationships often cause you to act your worse and to see your dark side. They do not help you to grow inside but the hard times that you have are what will change you in the end. This relationship can be hurtful.


The karmic relationship often feels that it is unpredictable. You might feel like you do not know what will happen next and you never feel secure.

Even when you seek peace you might have a hard time having it int his kind of relationship.

Make You Crazy

This person will never make you feel peaceful and they will always cause you to feel like you are losing your mind.

Short Term

You will most likely only be in a short-term relationship with your karmic partner but some of them last longer than others. This relationship can end in a bad way and can cause you to feel that your heart is broken.


You may not feel safe in this kind of relationship. Your partner will have secrets about you and will never make you feel safe and secure.

Rewards of Being in a Karmic Relationship

The good thing about being in a karmic relationship is that no matter how hard it ends, you will learn your lesson and you will begin to grow in your spirituality.

The rewards that come with a karmic relationship include:

  • Allowing you to get rid of bad karma.
  • Helps you learn to talk to others and to share your feelings.
  • Allows you to know what real love is.
  • Helps you to grow as a person.
  • Even though the relationship can be messy, you can get rid of your ego and figure out how to better yourself.
  • You learn to love yourself and the flaws that you have.

Getting Over It

When you are in a karmic bond, it can be hard, and you might wonder how you can get over this relationship.

These kinds of relationships are often toxic and when you let go of them, you can get unstuck and learn to have a better life.

Here are some ways you can get over these relationships:


You will have better self-esteem and you will learn to get rid of your bad patterns and habits. You will learn to create new habits that are healthy.


You will have the chance to give people second chances and know that life is not always cut and dry.

Love and Karma

You will learn that real love is happy and peaceful, and you will know that karmic love is like a roller coaster.


Most people in these kinds of relationships become more accepting of others. They learn to express themselves and to heal.


Your path will help you to see that life is unique and valuable. You will see your weaknesses and you will learn to be stronger.

Do not worry about things that are happening around you. Focus on your own healing. These karmic relationships can be the best thing that happens to you and you can learn from them, move forward and then save yourself heartache in the future.