Understanding Synastry


Synastry is using astrology to improve relationships in life. You likely already know your zodiac sign if you are reading this. You may even know the difference in your moon, rising, and sun signs, but fewer people are aware of how to use astrology to improve a relationship. If you do not know about this technique then this article will introduce you to the art of synastry. Synastry is basically relationship astrology and looks at the compatibility of people based solely on their natal charts.

Perhaps you know some basics like Scorpios not getting on well with Leos or that Cancers struggle to work well with Aries. While these commonly known pairings do have some basic truth in them, they are generalized and vague at the best of times. Astrology is highly complex and digging into a person’s chart can provide insight into the nuances of their personal cosmic influences. So, if you happen to be a Scorpio and have some concerns that your love who is a Leo may be a wrong choice, a synastry reading can help things become clearer. Taking on such exploration can look into how your chart energies, which are unique, can interact with those included in your love interest’s chart.

Understanding Synastry Reading

The bare basics of using astrology to improve your relationship when included in a synastry reading involves an astrologer taking your chart and overlapping it with your partners. When this is completed, they will then look for helpful aspects in that overlap. These aspects offer pockets of harmonious values and common interests between the couple. Make sure you understand that this is not a composite chart reading that involves examining the actual relationship rather than the overlap in the two individual natal charts.

If you are interested in trying this for yourself, there are tools available online to review your own natal chart and that of your partner or interest. The best part is that even if you do not have a current romantic partner, you can investigate synastry reading. Lots of people use synastry readings to explore connections with friendships, work colleagues, and even sibling bonds. This just shows that using astrology to improve relationships has a reach well beyond the romantic realm.

Synastry is a reading and while considered legitimate by many believers, it should not be the only reason a relationship is allowed to begin or end. There are times that outside influences affect how well you get along with someone or how a relationship progresses. Synastry can give you hope that something will be successful, but it is simply a reading. The ultimate decision of how a relationship progresses is up to you and your partner. Give synastry a try and see what you can find out. Whether to bolster what you already intuitively know or just to have a bit of fun, it is worth a shot.