Three Types of Love Relationships

Love Relationships

People typically experience ​three different types of love relationships: soulmate, twin flame and forever partner. Understanding each relationship type will help you reconcile with the fact that relationships have different purposes. But all three types can represent a new opportunity to strengthen and eventually mature into the best version of yourself.

Some people repeatedly experience one or all types of relationships, while others may only experience one or two. To help you gain clarity on the partners you may now have or have previously had in your life, here are some characteristics of each relationship type. This information aims to inspire a deeper sense of freedom, acceptance, and understanding.

Soulmate Relationships

Not all soulmate relationships are romantic in nature. You and your soulmate may have been siblings or shared another type of familial connection in a past life. Soulmates care for each other more deeply than they care for anyone else. Soulmate relationships won’t necessarily last for the rest of this lifetime, and you may have more than one at any given time.

Here are some more characteristics of a soulmate relationship:

  • Often your first serious relationship.
  • Deep soul-level connections.
  • They open you up and activate your capacity for love.
  • May lack sexual chemistry.
  • They often offer everything you thought you wanted but are just not fully satisfying.
  • May involve conflict between your rational mind and your intuition. The relationship seems fine in theory so your rational mind tells you to stay in the relationship, but your sense of intuition is telling you to leave.

The purpose of soulmate relationships is to help each partner discover new strengths or abilities, so each can mature and grow in a specific area. Soulmates open you up and encourage your relational confidence. They may restore belief patterns you grew up with, and strengthen you to feel comfortable and safe enough to explore. Soulmate relationships teach you that the things you “should” want are not necessarily what’s best for you.

You can heal after a soulmate relationship ends by strengthening your sense of self apart from relationships. This will show you what will and won’t work for you in your life and in a significant other.

Twin Flame Relationships

Partners in twin flame relationships share profound spiritual connections. Partners feel as though they were romantic partners in multiple previous incarnations. When you look into each other’s eyes, you feel stirred to the core of your beings, due to a supernatural knowledge of each other.

Here are some more characteristics of twin flame relationships:

  • Highly passionate.
  • Sexually charged.
  • Evokes hidden old wounds that must resurface before they can heal.
  • Unseen and inexplicable psychic and emotional ties.
  • Breaks partners down with the intent to consciously rebuilding them.
  • Addictive dependence on each other. You feel as though you need each other in order to feel complete.
  • Blind passion separates partners from their ability to solve problems in a healthy way.
  • Toxic and unhealthy patterns that allow other people to sense that something’s not right.
  • Excitement and exhilaration.
  • They require high energy and leave none for your mission in life.
  • Brings out both the best and worst in you
  • Exposes the dark aspects of your personality and your partner’s
  • Triggers your insecurities.
  • Questions your perception of truth and reality.
  • Both partners lack the discipline, capacity, and skills to have a healthy relationship, so the relationship will not last.

Twin flame relationships enter your life to force you to mindfully rebuild yourself so you’re prepared for your forever partner. These relationships help you figure out what you can’t tolerate and what you must have.

Twin flame relationships can push your soul into its darkest depths, which breaks you and forces you to start over. This process makes you more stable and intentional. Magic and miracles grow out of this void because it’s so far beyond your comfort zone.

Crystals are just one way to encourage this type of healing. Sometimes, a little love is that’s needed to mend a broken heart. Pink crystals are associated with new relationships, new romance, and new love, which makes them ideally suited to help you heal your heart. They focus on the heart and help you find love again. They also help heal past traumas that may be impacting your spiritual health. Pink lemurian quartz crystals are among the best crystals for heart healing work

Forever Partner Relationships

All past relationships have been preparing you to identify and manifest your forever partner. Each partner as an individual has done the work necessary to become a complete person, so forever partners are two complete people existing together and naturally bring out the best in each other. Each partner is free to confidently surrender to love, with the assurance that they’ll be supported in their personal mission in life.

Forever partner relationships generally involve reliable, unwavering, steady, deep love that helps each partner feel content. Here are some more characteristics of forever partner relationships:

  • Feeling as though it’s “only the beginning.”
  • A shared mission that will take the rest of your time together to attain.
  • Matching lifestyles and a desire to live compatibly.
  • Healthy independence.
  • Honesty, open communication, and contentment.
  • A powerful capacity for collaborative creation.
  • An energy balance integrating equal but opposite forces.
  • Pride and admiration for each other.
  • Deep healing.
  • Healthy chemistry and a sense of longevity.
  • Sexual as well as spiritual connection.

A forever partner relationship is the grand angel of relationships. It enters your life to teach you how to achieve sacred union, and to hold you accountable to genuinely evolve. You have a soul contract to live your lives in harmony.

Nothing heals more deeply than being supported to live out your mission. You’ll find sustainable balance and achieve oneness together that matches the oneness of the Universe. But uniting with your forever partner doesn’t mean the rest of your life will be a bed of roses. Even forever partner relationships will require hard work!