Tarot and Romantic Relationships

Tarot and Romantic Relationships

Today I’d like to share with you how I used Tarot to help save a romantic relationship. Of course, I’ve changed the couple’s names to protect their privacy.

Tarot and Romantic RelationshipsOnce upon a time, a girl I’ll call Laura was dating a great guy I’ll call Joseph. When problems arose, she called me to help her work through the confusion. Laura and Joseph were very much in love, so the subject of marriage came up. He gave her an engagement ring, they set a date, and they began planning the wedding. All was going well.

But Joseph became increasingly irritable, and they started fighting. He stayed out later and later with his friends. When Laura tried to ask what was wrong, Joseph lashed out at her and stormed off. After a bigger fight, Joseph said he needed space and broke off the engagement.

Laura was heartbroken. According to my psychic senses, Joseph still loved Laura. But I needed to focus in on him with Tarot. So I laid out the Celtic Cross spread and asked the cards and my guides what Joseph was feeling.

A reversed King of Wands, amplified by the Seven of Cups, appeared in the center of the spread. These cards indicated confusion and anger. I also got the Devil Trump and a reversed Ace of Swords, indicating fear and pressure. There were multiple swords, evidence of darkness and internal conflict. So Joseph was feeling frustrated, afraid, hurt, and unsure about what was going on.

Subsequent spreads indicated that Joseph had been engaged in the past and that the woman was manipulative and harsh. She was also unfaithful to him, despite their plans to get married. Joseph experienced a painful breakup with that woman, and his heart had been broken. Because of his past, he harbored deep fears about committing to a marriage with Laura.

Laura knew that Joseph had been engaged before, but he’d simply told her that things didn’t work out. In my work with Laura, I could see that Joseph buried all his fears, hurts, and unprocessed past conflicts. Unfortunately, these were all back like ghosts to haunt Joseph as his new engagement was just getting underway.

Tarot and Romantic RelationshipsInvestigating All Angles

I wanted to discern if Joseph still had feelings for the woman in his past, so I laid out a spread with that issue in mind. When I asked about his current feelings for her, I got the Three of Swords card in the center, and the Death card in the area that indicates emotional regard for the issue. This indicates total breakup beyond question!

So Joseph was definitely over the woman in his past, and he loved Laura. But he was engulfed by a whirlwind of confusing emotions that he just couldn’t process all at once. So he was sabotaging his and Laura’s relationship by behaving badly and running away from her. He was still connecting with her several times a week though, so I suggested that she invite him over for dinner as friends, just to spend some low-key time together.

Before Laura moved forward with her invitation, I wanted to ensure that Joseph would receive it well, so I laid another spread. In the spread, I saw the Ace of Cups in the center, with the Three of Cups next to it. These cards indicate love, positivity, and celebration. With confirmation from both the cards and my own psychic vision, I felt that a low-key dinner invitation was the advisable move to make.

I suggested that during dinner, Laura try to talk to Joseph about her own fears and past relationships. I advised her to describe to Joseph how their engagement brought up things from her own past that she was working through, and to keep the focus away from Joseph.

A Bright Future

Laura called me the next week to report that she followed my advice. During their time together, Joseph said that he also had a lot of baggage from the past that came up after he popped the question to Laura.

Joseph told Laura about the woman in his past. He said they’d been engaged but she cheated on him, and never returned the engagement ring that he gave her. Joseph said he knew that Laura was his future, and he didn’t want his past to ruin his relationship with her.

Laura said they decided to slowly start getting back together. Last time we spoke, they were regularly seeing each other. Joseph was back to his old loving self, and Laura was wearing his engagement ring again. And I saw a wedding in their future!

Of course, not every story has such a neat and tidy outcome. But this story illustrates how work with Tarot can flow and greatly benefit my clients as we delve into the psychic realm together!