Speeding up your twin flame journey

Speeding up your twin flame journey

Speeding up your twin flame journeyThere are four keys to ensuring your twin flame journey is successful. I have gained tons of experience with this and would like to share it with you in an attempt to change your point of view.

  1. You have to get over the wounds in your soul

That pain you experienced the last time you and your twin flame split was due to the strong bonds you share with your twin flame. They have that control and ability to press their fingers into your deepest wounds. Trying to cover up these wounds consumes a lot of energy. Some people say that they could not even carry on with their everyday life anymore.

This explains why this is the first key cause once you master it, you will have achieved a lot. It will energize you and get your twin flame off your mind. Your twin flame is like your mirror; therefore, you might notice your inner fruits work in the outside too.

  1. Identify your goals and visions

The being left behind by their twin usually referred to as the chaser is usually held a prisoner by their feelings. It’s not easy to get out of this hole since the wounds caused by rejection and being abandoned appear when their twin runs. It leaves them in the female energy and coming out to the male energy is a task. Most chasers never integrate well with the male energy, as a result of the wounds in their souls. However, when they get past these wounds they climb up to the male energy. This is where most of the chasers get it all wrong since they feel lighter and stop their journey, not knowing that they need to climb the ladder up. Visions and goals assist us in self-development. Most chasers focus on others, forgetting themselves. Goals are tasks that we set to accomplish in the future and we have to set our minds to reach them. If you set your goals and define your visions, and implement them, fulfills the second golden key.

  1. Abundance

Mastering the second key makes you feel even better. You are in apposition to keep your twin flame out of your mind and go after your visions. You can’t afford to stop now on the ladder to male energy, climb it to the top. This is where abundance comes in. ever been in a scenario where you have no idea how to pay your rent? It is true that when money gets scarce, it’s not easy to feel easy in your life. Money is a source of security and freedom in this world. Most chasers learn to integrate this into their lives soon enough to accomplish this golden key.

  1. The Ying yang Balance.

The most challenging path a soul can take must be the twin flame journey. It spans over years for one to be able to master it. As for the chaser, it’s long and tiring, with a lot of pain at the beginning as they make their way towards the male energy. To create a balance between the female energy and the newly acquired male energy, this is your final touch. The energy filed is the same and it’s shared between twin flames. If the ying-yang balance is not right, i.e. it tends to swing towards the female energy, your twin flame will just mirror this to you by occupying the male energy.

If you can master these four keys, you are in a position to find and live out your true self once more. The world will open its gates for you to get a special relationship at a higher level. You will probably meet another soulmate or reunite with your twin.