Signs That You’re Not Ready For New Romance


We are living in a culture that tells us being in love is the be-all and end-all, but what if love goes wrong and relationships end? Well, it’s up to you to clear up the clutter in your own emotional house before hanging out that “single” shingle. A lot of people think relationships are a way to happiness, well that’s not completely true. It depends on the place you are in life before you think about relationships being the source of happiness.

You’re Still Into Your Ex

Do you often find yourself thinking about your ex? Do you miss him/her? Do you have certain
triggers that instantly remind you of them? Then you’re definitely not ready for a new
relationship. Your past is yours alone, you cannot and should not carry that baggage into
someone else’s life who expect to have all of your love and attention. You need to work through
the difficult emotions and purge yourself of those negative feelings, otherwise, they will keep
cycling through you, sabotaging your chances of finding love.

You are unhappy in your life

If you’re unhappy with yourself or your life, you need to work on yourself. You need to be a happy person on your own before you can get into a commitment with someone. When you’re a happy person, your partner will be happy just by being around you, you two can share each other’s happiness for a much healthier relationship. Work on yourself, enjoy life and start loving yourself before you can love another.

You’re desperate

This is probably one of the biggest reasons for failed relationships. You just can’t be a desperate person. People who are desperate give off a very negative vibe, they aren’t liked by most people and they usually get into flings that make them guilty later. Someone may actually have feelings for you and being desperate might push them away because it’s a very unattractive feature to have. Even if someone likes you for being desperate, they’re very wrong for you because they’re desperate themselves. Be content, be happy with who you are and where you are in life, let love come on its own, don’t run after it.