Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Love is this amazing feeling that leaves you happy and so comfortable with another person that you wouldn’t trade it for the world. This is even stronger when that love is reciprocated, but how do you know if your current other half is your soulmate? Some do not believe in soulmates, but it is nice to think there is one, or a few people, out there that are perfectly matched to you.

Below are a few signs that you have found your true connection in love and life:

You Simply Know

There is no real, exact test that helps determine if you have found your soulmate, is you simply have to figure it out. You will know when its right because you will feel it in your gut that this is the perfect one for you. Their presence will energize you; you will feel giddy and extremely comfortable around them. This may vary slightly for each person, but the connection will be clear.

Best Friend

The best foundation for any relationship is that of friendship. When you find your significant other, a trusting positive friendship is an amazing sign that they are your soulmate.


Spending time with your significant other is always a plus, so when it is your soulmate you should feel totally at peace and at home. At first, you may have butterflies of excitement, but once comfort sets in, it should feel totally natural.

Extreme Empathy

Empathy is always strong with a soulmate, to the point that if they fail, you feel like you have failed. When they are upset or happy, you are the same. No one should feel as proud as you do of your other half.

Mutual Respect

Respect is a foundational aspect of a significant relationship. If your other half does not respect you, then they are not likely your soulmate. A soulmate should highly regard your feelings and ideas. They should also love and appreciate you while treating you well.

Bringing Balance

Being a soulmate is not about being exactly alike. You may come from different backgrounds and hold different temperaments, but still be meant to be together. The most important part comes in how you view one another and then come together to balance one another out. This creates a yin and yang type situation.

Shared Life Goal

Even if you want very different careers or not quite agree on which city to settle in for the long haul, but soulmates have a shared life goal. You will both want something that is similar whether staying in a hometown, getting married, or being extremely career focused. There will be small disagreements, but the big stuff will have you on the same page. This is a sign of a soulmate.

Challenge One Another

Soulmates bring out the best in one another which means they push each other toward their best selves. This should come from mutual respect and admiration with motivation to reach goals. Your soulmate will keep you going and push you to try a bit harder while aiding in personal development. This way, you can grow together.

Able to be Yourself

Your soulmate allows you to be your weirdest self and you do the same. Your soulmate will love you for who you are, even the guilty pleasures, quirks, and deepest secrets while loving you all the more.

Fight for You

Relationships are rarely easy, even with a soulmate, but if both of you are working hard for the actual relationship, then it may be your soulmate. This can mean compromise at times and working on yourself or together through issues, but if you and they are willing, it could be a true soulmate match.