Signs that your partner is not your soulmate

Signs that your partner is not your soulmate

Signs that your partner is not your soulmateIt is quite unfortunate that most of us fall for wrong guys despite the fact that we always desire to be in a serious relationship. We frequently ignore the signs that show us a relationship isn’t built to last.

There is nothing as frustrating as waiting on your soulmate, therefore, if you don’t want heartbreaks, there are true indications that your partner is not your soulmate.

  1. You find it hard trusting them no matter how hard you try.

There is something wrong if you keep questioning your partner’s whereabouts, motives and the things he tells you. Such questions tell a lot about the future of your relationship. You cannot keep being on the lookout every time, it’s exhausting. A soul mate will respect your relationship even when you are not with them.

There is no relationship where there is no trust. Period.

  1. There is no good communication.

He knows the benefits of having good communication but for some reason, he doesn’t put it into practice. He loves starting random fights or doesn’t talk to you at all. He doesn’t put any effort when it comes to understanding your needs and wants. I’m sorry to say, but without good communication, your relationship is not going to work.

  1. You don’t connect at a deep emotional level at all.

He may not be investing in you or the relationship if you feel like your connection is mainly surface level and he is okay keeping things that way. You should intimately know your partner. You have to know what he wants in life, his goals, dreams, and fears.

  1. You find it hard being yourself when around them.

He is not the right person for you if you find yourself being uncomfortable around them. It is important to make sure you are not changing who you are just to make your partner happy. Your partner should also make you feel loved and taken care of, not stressed and sad.

  1. There are no common values in your relationship.

We have different values. Every relationship has ups and downs, but if your values are different from your partner’s, there are obstacles ahead. If his values are different from yours, it might be time to end the relationship and move on. Soulmates should have the same values, goals, and visions for the future.

  1. You don’t have fun together anymore.

Why are you dating this person if the sense of adventure and having fun disappeared after the honeymoon phase? You need to be with someone who will continue to find joy in you and the relationship.

  1. He doesn’t help you grow

You need to be with someone who will help you develop and make you feel like you have potential in you. A soul mate will show the better side of life that you never knew existed. Its someone who encourages you when you feel like losing hope. You should find someone who brings all of these into your life.

  1. You are not compatible

He likes going out, but you like staying indoors, you want kids but he doesn’t, he likes pets but you don’t. although you don’t have to date someone who is like you, you don’t want them to be your polar opposite either. If you can locate a middle ground, then differences become fine. Otherwise, there are some things you may not be willing to compromise on.

  1. You picture yourself with other individuals

Find others physically attractive is normal since we are humans, but if you can picture yourself with other people then that’s a red flag you need to consider. If he was the one, you wouldn’t picture yourself with other people, the thought itself will make you feel bad.

  1. Your instincts tell you so

There is just something that tells you, you shouldn’t be in that relationship. Listen to it. Or if you find yourself questioning why you are with him. A soul mate should make your heart skips a beat and you will know when you have met your soulmate. You won’t doubt anything.