Loving a Broken Girl Differently

Loving A Broken Girl Differently

Loving a girl that has been broken can be hard but there can be beauty found in it.

Here are some things that she does differently than others:


She might not have always thought she was worth anything because of her past but now she knows what she deserves.


She has strength because of the things that she has been through. Even though she has been hurt and mistreated, she is stronger.

She Guards Herself

Once she faces her hurt and her past, she will put up a guard. When she meets someone, she might be hard to get close to at first.

Takes Longer to Get In

She might be someone that is harder to get to their heart. She will hide herself because she is afraid of being hurt again.

Once You Get in Its Forever

But, once you get into her heart, it will be a relationship that is strong and lasts forever.

She Challenges You

This will be someone that will challenge you and will never let you forget that she exists. She will take the time to challenge you so that you can be rewarded with her love.

Hides When Hurt

She is someone that hates to be hurt and when she is hurting, she wants to hide herself. She will distance herself and sometimes she will come across as moody.

Paranoid Tendencies

Chances are that she might be a little paranoid when you first get to know her. She will be afraid that you will be a repeat of the ones that have hurt her in the past.

Always Worrying About Your Feelings

Since she has been hurt, she will worry about how you feel and what kind of feelings you are having. She will try to make you feel better if you feel sad or stressed.

She Knows Joy and Hurt

She will know the feelings of joy and hurt and so she will go out of her way to make sure that you don’t have to have those feelings of hurt when you are with her. She will want to make you happy.

She Will Fight for You

No matter what you are going through, she will fight for you. She will always be there to protect you and if she has to, she will defend you.

She Doesn’t Care About Style

This will be a girl that doesn’t care about what kind of style you have. She will care more about what is in your heart than what is on the outside.

She Appreciates the Little Things

Even if she doesn’t want to worry about your style, she will appreciate when you get dressed up nice for her and when you do good things for her.

She Will Love Hard

Though she is a broken person, she will love you hard. She isn’t afraid to be in a relationship with someone that loves her and cares about her feelings. She wants you to figure out who she is and to embrace her.