How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship In Modern Time


       Are you having problem how to decode what it takes to have a long lasting relationship? Most likely, it’s likely you’ll turn to your older relatives  whenever you want long-term relationship advice. They have experience-based wisdom to share, but not all of it is relevant today.

Instead, I’m offering you five pieces of long-term relationship advice that will always be relevant. Here’s what you need to keep in mind if you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with any long-term partner.

1. Their Name (or Pet Name)
Okay, so you’ll probably never forget your partner’s name, but sometimes you might get a little busy (and frustrated) and forget to use their pet name or another endearing term you have for them. Using their pet names, like using their real name, maintain a bond between lovers by showing each other respect, admiration, and affection. Your partner’s name is the “sweetest sound” you will ever hear in a day, so take this bit of long-term relationship advice and say their name whenever you get the chance.

2. Personal (and Shared) Goals
Couples like to share their goals with one another because it gives them purpose, helps them organize their life together, and gives them a sense of being part of a team. And your shared goals can build a strong bond between you and your partner if you take them to heart and actually encourage each other to stay on your paths to success. It is easy to forget about some goals, because they may not always appear to have anything to do with you. But the best long-term relationship advice says if your goals are important enough to be shared, they are also important enough to be remembered and occasionally acted upon.

3. The Best of Times
A common mistake in romance is to measure your happiness based on the events as they stand today. This is a recipe for disaster because every high point is likely to be matched with an equally low one. The truth is, it’s the memory of team camaraderie, effort, laughter, and support that gives us the incentive to stay together despite any troubles we may currently be having. You and your partner are together for many reasons, and it will strengthen your bond if you remember them (your “greatest hits”) and share them with each other whenever your relationship is in need of a pick-me-up.

4. Saying “Thank You”
The easiest way to strengthen your relationship is to remember these two simple words and use them often and emphatically. You come home and there is dinner on the table. You open your drawer and there is fresh underwear waiting for you. Or, you ask for help and they stop everything to pitch in. We all sacrifice time, emotion, and energy in order to share a life with someone. And while they do the same to be with us, it can be easy to take them for granted. You’ve thanked them a thousand times, but continue to thank them because they will never tire of your appreciation.

5. What Interests Them
You have probably talked about your interests so many times, you feel like there’s nothing left to say. But that just isn’t true. We learn new things every day! This means there’s always something new and fascinating to learn from your partner. Your partner is just as interesting now as they were when you first met. However, it’s up to you to maintain that curiosity so they can continue to fascinate you over and over.