Learn to Do Magic Inexpensively

Learn to Do Magic Inexpensively

One of the biggest downfalls to becoming a witch is the idea that you have to have all kinds of books and fancy tools in order to do your magic. When you buy books on spellcasting, you will often be told that you need different books, memberships, and tools in order to really be able to do magic. The truth is, there are different kinds of magic that take hardly any tools. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do your magic.

Witch crafting was never something that was meant for someone that was elite and rich. This was something that the ancestors did to get power and to stop things form being powerless. The practice that the ancestors did was dangerous, and it was something that didn’t require fancy tools or crazy ingredients.

The ancestor witches didn’t have the money or the way to go out and buy all of these ingredients and they used things that they found in their homes and in nature in order to do their magic. The real root to witchcraft is that no matter what is going on, you can find things to use to do your witch crafting without going broke.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Witchcraft doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You have the right as a human to exercise your magic and your free will to have the life that you really want. Magic is not the only way that you can get what you want but magic can be helpful in this.

Even though you think that magic can cost a lot of money, that isn’t true. You can spend a bunch of money on witchcraft, but you don’t have to. There are thousands and thousands of tools that are available to you, crazy ingredients and even classes that can cost a bunch of money. You can even find witches that have whole rooms full of furniture that they use for their crafting. There is nothing wrong with any of this, but this is not necessary to be a good witch.

Magic is not something that you can pay for and the different herbs that you use in your spells do not cause the ritual to work better. Even if you use gold in your magic, it doesn’t work any better than other ingredients. Magic is something that everyone has. This is something that you were given as your birthright. This is the energy that that you use each day to help you know who you are.

People cannot take away the magic that you have. You do not have to give away your power because you don’t have expensive ingredients. You are the one that makes the magic, and it is what is inside that helps. If you know how to do your magic and you set your intention and goals strong, it doesn’t matter what you have in front of you, the magic will work.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any tools or ingredients, but you should be smart in the things that you purchase for your rituals.

Where Did the Idea of the Cost Come from?

There are different people and books that you can read that will talk you into spending money that you don’t have on tools. But who gave you this idea? The idea is given from people that will benefit from you buying things form them. Do you think that big companies are not having their own interest in mind when it comes to selling you expensive herbs and witch crafting tools? They are trying to take the power that you have for themselves, and they are not seeing magic as something sacred.

Witchcraft is very popular, much more than it was in the past. As things get popular, people look for ways that they can sell things to make more money. Since this happens, different companies are trying to sell crafting tools to make a big buck. Even people that believe in magic will often practice fake magic in order to get people to buy things. They are capitalizing the things that you believe in to make money from you.

Do you want your magic to come from big companies that are just out to make a buck, or do you want your magic to come from your own beliefs and from what your ancestors did? These big companies do not care about your magic and most of them probably think it is fake. Witches often let people from the outside world tell them how they should do things and how they should practice and what kind of tools they need to use. When you are not as dependent on these big companies, you can practice your magic and you can stop thinking that you need to spend a bunch of money to make it work.

Ancestor Magic

Your ancestors did not spend a lot of money buying tools. They would go out and find things in nature or they would use the things inside of their home. There are people that have done magic that were very poor, people that were slaves and people that had zero power. The magic comes from inside of you and what your intentions are.

People often think that witchcraft is for those that have a lot of money, but magic is something that people go to when they have no other option but to turn to the magic. When someone is really needing magic, they become desperate, and they will look for someone that can really make the magic work. They look for someone that will practice magic, even when it was a crime. They will go to someone because it is the only option left. When they need someone to protect them, or they need their life turned around, they look for someone that can really make the magic work.

They didn’t have the option to go to someone that was able to have the best tools and the most exotic ingredients.

These witches that would come would use what they had, and they would use their creativity to help others. They would not let others tell them how to do this and they would figure out what kind of magic that they could do with what they had in front of them. They believed in nature, and they relied on it. They knew that they had to be creative to make their magic work. You do not have to be someone that has to buy everything, but you can be creative with what you have.

Getting Back Your Power

You need to have magic that doesn’t cause you to spend a bunch of money. You need to find magic that doesn’t need exotic or ingredients that you cannot get. You need to grow, and you need to not spend a bunch of money to make that happen. Find people that publish things for free that you can read, reach out to people that can teach you things without charging you a bunch of money.

Taking back your power doesn’t mean that you have to become poor in the process, but it means that you rely on things you already have to make your magic strong. You don’t have to get rid of all of your belongings so that you can afford ingredients to do crafting because the magic is already inside of you. You cannot sell the magic that is inside of you, and no one can take it from you.

You have the power and the energy in order to change your life and to get the magic that you want. You can be excited, and you can do whatever you want with your power. Crafting is already there; your magic is already there, and it is waiting for you to use it.


  1. It’s important to be aware of the commercial interests trying to profit from our belief in magic. The article does a good job of pointing out how modern marketing can distort the true essence of witchcraft.

  2. The focus on intention and internal power over external tools is a valuable takeaway. This approach not only makes magic more accessible but also strengthens personal empowerment and creativity.

  3. This piece highlights a crucial point: magic comes from within and does not depend on material possessions. It reminds us that true power often lies in simplicity and resourcefulness.

  4. I appreciate the historical context provided in the article. It is a good reminder that our ancestors practiced magic with minimal resources, relying on the natural world around them.

  5. The article brings an insightful perspective on the democratization of witchcraft. It is refreshing to see the emphasis on the accessibility of magic without the need for expensive tools.


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