Karmic Relationship or Twin Flame: How to Tell

Karmic Relationship

Being able to understand the difference between a karmic relationship and twin flames is very important. Before explaining the difference, you need to understand why it is important to know the difference. A karmic relationship is a false twin flame which may seem right until the moment it is not. Karmic relationships can mimic twin flame path markers like intense attraction and patterns and even subconscious communication, but karmic relationships are dangerous. On a spiritual levl, karmic relationships hold you back from moving forward in your spiritual journey. A karmic twin will take your focus from your spiritual advancement, even when you do not realize it. This may even distract you from finding a true twin flame. Karmic twins may also be physically and emotionally harmful which is common. Still this karmic relationship may be part of your journey because it sometimes takes a destructive force to awaken something deeper in us. It can be tough to know whether we are dealing with a rough patch with a twin flame or a karmic relationship, but we have some information to help.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

Karmic relationships are not evil but they happen when your souls are pulled together when there is growing to do. It is possible to meet your twin flame and then fall back to a karmic partner because you are not done growing. If you do not learn from karmic relationships, you will repeat the lessons until they are learned. You may have more than one karmic relationship in life. Focus on improving yourself to quickly break out of the pattern and find your twin flame.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin flames are parts of a larger soul entity with an indissoluble connection because you are both parts of a larger entity. When twin flames are in proximity, they will gravitate to one another and create an intense bond that stirs up many things. There is a deep kinship because they are part of the same higher consciousness. The similarities are often uncanny and bring out both the best in worst in both people. The twin flame has a deeply karmic aspect. As the vibration levels grow with twin flames, they continue together upward in a spiral of high vibration. If the twin flame union is successful, the twin flames get closer to unity. This is the opposite of the karmic relationship.

Can a Karmic Relationship also be a Twin Flame?

A karmic relationship cannot be a twin flame and cannot become one. A rocky twin flame stage is different from a karmic relationship. Some stages of the twin flame relationship can be rough, but you are both still improving and growing. For comparison, we look at the similarities between the karmic relationship and twin flame. These include:

  • Both being traumatizing in some ways
  • Both being intense, especially at first, and often based on physical chemistry
  • Both connections triggering shadow aspects to create a growth opportunity

Below is a list of the differences to help you better understand:

  • The shadows triggered in karmic relationships bog both partners down while in a twin flame relationship, they help both evolve and grow
  • Intense karmic relationships tend to keep partners at a low vibe, while intense twin flame connections process the shadow aspects and create a higher vibe to help overcome issues
  • Both types of relationships can start as karmic connections, but the karmic one stays this way while the twin transforms into a positive connection toward the union stage

If you are uncertain about what type of relationship you are in there are some indicators to help. Look for the following to show a karmic relationship.

  • Resistance to change
  • Emotional unavailability
  • Commitment issues
  • Lack of support

Remember twin flames build each other up, karmic relationships do not. Follow your intuition if you are uncertain. No twin flame journeys are the same and there may be pitfalls along the way, but it will be worth it in the end.