Is Love Really Thicker Than Water?

Is Love Really Thicker Than Water?

People have often heard that when they die, they will get to meet up with their loved ones that have died before them. This thought allowed people to have comfort and peace.

But, once you really start thinking about it, who is it that you are going to be able to see? Will you see someone that you went to school with in second grade? Will it be people that you never met such as an aunt, uncle, or cousin? Will you get to pick who you want to be around when you get there?

A person that is a medium is one that is often looking at the afterlife. They may not wonder thee things but when you lose someone, thinking about eternity can make dying a lot less scary.

Connected by Love

People wonder if their friends, relatives or loved one will be in heaven even if they are blood related or not. Some mediums say that yes that heaven is a place where people will be reunited and not a place where people are separate from each other.

Mediums often believe that the heart will know who the people are and that it doesn’t matter if you have met them or not. You will know your stepsister, brother, aunt, mother, uncle, or anyone you have met in your life.

Some believe that the heart is what decides how strong a connection is that you will come across. Even if you have lost a loved one before you were born, you may still know them, according to some mediums because of the fact that you are connected forever in the spirit.

Soul Connections

Soul connections happen when you meet people, but these don’t have anything to do if you are related to someone or not. The fact that you can be reunited with people that have died before you is something that allows people to move forward.

Even if you have married more than one person, you will be with people in the afterlife that have a soul connection to you.

Mediums do readings for different kinds of people and even people that are adopted will have the chance to know their biological and adopted families. Some mediums have found that adopted people are able to pick up the most spirits when they get a reading.

Pet Connections

Mediums even believe that pets will be in heaven even if they are born in heaven as a different creature. Since pets are part of your family, you share a connection with them. They die and they continue to watch over you and to take care of you even when you are not together.

When your pet dies even though you have a long life to live, they are watching over you and waiting to reunite with you.

Heaven is not a place that will see if you have been married, who you are married to, who your family was, or anything like that but heaven is supposed to be a place where you spend eternity with the people that you love and have loved throughout your life.