Invisible Pull Between Two People

Invisible Pull Between Two People

People have often talked about an invisible cord that connects people together or binds them so that they have to be together for life. This is a cord that connects lovers and allows them to be connected eternally and makes it to where neither of them can leave.

According to the legend, you do not have to work hard to find your soulmate or your partner and once you did, you can use this cord or even fate to bring you together.

Invisible Cord

The “Red String of Fate” is a legend, and it is a Chinese myth that has circulated all over the world. The legend tells people that when a lover comes together with another lover that a red cord is connected to them. This happens to them right when they are born and so when they grow older, they are able to find their soulmate easier.

The legend says that the cord can be put on the pinky finger or even around the ankle to tie them together.

What is the Cord?

The cord is often talked about and the legend supposedly happened because a grandfather told a small boy that he would have to be married someday. The man told him that he would have to marry a woman someday.

The boy became upset that he had to marry someone and then threw a rock at the girl. Later, when his family arranged his marriage, the bride was the one that he threw a rock at. She had a scar over her eye and when he asked her, he found he was the one that threw the rock at her.

How Does the Thread Work?

The thread is a cord that is not able to be seen with your eye, but it is something that puts the two lovers together. This is a cord that can never be broken.

When the people get at the right age, the cord will bring them back together. They will be married because they are meant to be together from the beginning and they will love each other and begin their lives together.

Following the Cord

When the cord is there between two people, they can give their lives over to the universe and they will be happier.

When the cord is there, you never have to worry about trying to find your right soulmate because they are already attached to you by the invisible cord.

One day, as you grow and get older, you will call your lover back to you and you will be connected to them and they will easily find you.

If you want to find your soulmate faster, you can get a tarot reading or a psychic reading and they can help you to figure out what is holding your lover back or holding back your partner who is attached to you by the cord.

The legend of the red cord is hope that you can someday find your soulmate and that you can have peace and love in your future. Do not worry about finding someone, they are connected to you at the end of your red cord.