Ignite The Romantic Fire Again


ignite love againLife doesn’t always feel romantic. As a matter of fact, being in a relationship can be pretty boring after the honeymoon stage. But there are little things you can do to keep the sparks flowing. Try these tips for adding a little something to your day to day – no matter if your relationship is brand new or decades old.

Everything is better by candlelight
Meatloaf, leftovers, Chinese Takeout or six course gourmet meal. What you’re eating doesn’t matter, add a little candlelight to the meal every once in a while and you’ll just feel sexier. Candles make the every day seem a little more sparkly… Not only is the light flattering, it implies romance. You don’t need to do this every meal (in fact, it may then lose its appeal), but see what happens when you surprise your sweetie with some warm, romantic illumination. It just may generate some sparks of a different kind!

Celebrate the little things
Champagne need not be only for New Year’s Eve and weddings. Keep a bottle on hand in the fridge and the next time something good happens – or something bad – heck, the next time you feel like it, pop the cork and toast with your sweetie. Celebration brings meaning to any occasion; after all, it’s how we handle events in life that makes them special. An added bonus: in addition to sparking memories, the bubbly may liven up more than your taste buds! FYI, you need not buy real French champagne. The Spanish cava and Italian Prosecco can be just as tasty and festive for a fraction of the price.

Kill your television
An Italian study not too long ago found that a television in the bedroom is bad for the sex life… now depending on what you’re watching, this isn’t necessarily the case. But the truth is, after a long day, it’s easy to vegetate in front of the tube instead of enjoying each other. Should you kill your TV altogether? Not necessary. But on a night when there’s nothing special on and you find yourself channel surfing, click the off button on your remote and enjoy some quality time.

Whether you play a game together, talk or make other, hotter use of your time is unimportant. It’s the idea that you’re spending time focused on each other that will deepen your connection and help you continue to grow together – not apart!

Trust us, you’ll be surprised at how these little things will make a big difference in love.