How to Feel More Joy

Feel More Joy

When you were small, small things brought you happiness. You would enjoy spending your time laughing, playing, and having fun. As you got older though, life became more stressful and sometimes you forgot what being happy meant.

Some people don’t even have time to enjoy life and when you grow up and become adults, it seems that the happiness in your life fades.

You may come to the point where you miss being happy and having fun and playing. You don’t feel so much happiness anymore because you have too much on your plate and too many burdens that you have to deal with. You spend time working hard and doing your daily things in your life and you forget to have fun.

Why is it that adults cannot learn to live their life and learn to include some fun and playful moments in their day?

What is Fun?

When can you remember the last time that you have laughed until you cried? You can have fun when you learn to laugh and laughing comes from having a good time.

Take time to do something that makes you laugh and makes you feel joy in your heart. Choose a movie that you like to laugh at and a movie that makes you giggle till you are out of control.

Allow yourself to really get into your laugh and do not suppress it. If movies are not something you like, have your friends come over that make you laugh and spend time with them, avoid people for a while that overwhelm you.


What were things that you did when you were young that you loved to play? Do something like dancing and moving around your kitchen. Blast some music from the past and let your body flow.

Connect with your inner child and dance until you cannot dance anymore. Find things that make you feel playful and fun. Write down something, draw a picture, write a poem, or even take time to meditate and journal.

Look to the Sky

Put your feet apart on the floor and look up until you see the ceiling or the sky. When you do this, try to frown, and see if you can?

The truth is, when you look up, your face automatically smiles. This is a way that you can smile and connect with your inner joy.

Go to Nature

Being in nature can bring so much happiness. Go outside and listen to the wind blow, go barefoot in the grass, sit by a tree, plant something in a garden. Do something that allows you to connect with the world around you and to feel joy.

Take time each day to go out in nature. Go for a walk, hug a tree, go to the forest or the beach. Do whatever it takes to get fresh air and to feel good inside and out.

Get a Pet

Pets can make people feel happy and calm. Animals have energy that is there to give you peace and joy and they can help you to feel happy and like a child.

Take your pet outside and play with it or play with it and run around the house. Do what they do to be happy and have fun with them.

If you don’t have your own pet, go, and play with the neighbors cat or dog for a few minutes each day. Go and visit an animal shelter and show love to the animals that might not have any.

What Kills Joy?

Here are some things that can make you feel that your joy is no longer there, and these are things you need to avoid in your life.


Stop comparing yourself to others. You cannot look at someone else’s happiness and compare it with your own.

Things are not easy for anyone and when you look at someone and you think that their life is so much better than yours, you don’t know what they are going through.

Trying to Be Perfect

You are not perfect, and you will never be. Stop trying to be perfect and learn to be the best that you can be. Nothing can kill joy faster than trying to be perfect and failing at it.

Work hard and be happy with who you are and what you are doing.

Overthinking Things

Stop thinking about things over and over again. Stop adding things to situations or wondering if you are going to have to worry about something.

Let worry comes when it is necessary and stop adding to the pain in life. Joy can happen to you now and when something is worth worrying about, worry about it then and not now.


Make sure that you are getting enough rest. Not getting enough rest can make you less happy. Sleep and relax and wake up feeling good. This will help you overall wellbeing.


You can feel joy in everything that you do, and this can give you peace and happiness. Take time to sleep well, watch happy movies, spend time with friends, get a pet, go outside and just find joy.

Stop letting things in your life hold you down and aggravate you. Get over being angry and grumpy and learn to smile more and learn to laugh.

The more you laugh and the more you smile, the more joy you will have in your heart. Let the world show you how good life is.