Finding Your Karmic Soulmate

Finding Your Karmic Soulmate

People don’t just want to fall in love they want to have a real love story to share. When we change over time, we realize our relationships change too and we are not longer happy with relationships that are easy, but we want to move into families and have long-term goals. We are always looking for someone that really wants to be with us and is crazy about us. We want to find our soulmate.

No relationship is better than another and depending on what is happening in your life, you are going to learn a lesson. Some people never get to have any relationships and others might have a twin flame, karmic soulmate or even a soulmate, or chances are, they have all three of them.

It is important that you know the difference between a soulmate, twin flame and karmic soulmate. Soulmates do not make you the happiest because they cause you to have to learn to heal and grow. They bring back old memories that are painful, but they make you bring hope into your life.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are when we are in relationships that happen because we didn’t learn the lesson over our life or in our previous life. Karmic relationships are not easy, and these people come into our life so that we can change and grow.

The thing about a karmic bond is that no matter how much effort you put into the relationship; it will never work out. This happens because it is not supposed to work out and you are not meant to stay happy with this person. A karmic relationship is hard to understand or accept but that is because we want to be in love and these relationships just leave you suffering.

The relationship of a karmic soulmate might seem amazing at times, but they are not there to last forever. People that end up divorced after a short marriage often are dealing with karmic soulmates.


People can have many soulmate experiences over their life. A soulmate will be there and will seem like you have known them forever. They will be kind, loving, and intense. You will choose to be with your soulmate and maybe marry them because you have such a strong connection with them.

These are the people in our lives that make us feel good about who we are. They are perfect partners, for a time and they do not make things easy for us. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, you will have to face hardships and challenges and it is sometimes hard to know what kind of relationship you are a part of.

A soulmate relationship is different than a karmic relationship because of the different lessons that we learn from it. A karmic relationship shows you how to do something better this time and a soulmate relationship is there to make you be better in yourself. This will be things you are afraid of and things that are pressuring you, finding your worth and more. You will be attracted to your soulmate no matter what is going on in your life.

Soulmate relationships are people that will easily connect with you. You might feel weird when you meet them like you have been with them before. Soulmates that fall in love with you will make you feel that you can get over any issue that you have in life. You may even feel that you do not deserve to be with that person.

Some soulmates are there to help you to figure out who you are and how great you are. They ask you questions and make you reach your better self. Sometimes a soulmate will care about who you are, but a karmic relationship only cares about themselves. Soulmates will not even always be romantic and sometimes you have people in your life such as friends, family and strangers that can be a soulmate.

When you find your soulmate, you will feel that your life is perfect but when you date them, it is hard to find true love. You will be overwhelmed with things in life such as social media and other things and you will always be seeking to find a perfect relationship. The soulmate and finding true love are meant to give you confidence and to give you grace.

Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship will be like nothing you have ever experienced. This will be someone that comes in your life that is meant to be with you. They will mirror you and be the other half of your soul. Karmic connections will challenge you and push you but your twin flame with comfort you and help you to grow.

A twin flame gets separated from you at the beginning of time and when you are meant to be with them, the universe will send them, and your souls will join. Sometimes they will run away, and they will teach you about things that you are afraid of and help you to figure out what you want in life.

Not everyone gets to be reunited in their twin flame relationship in this lifetime but if you do, you will see the challenges and fears and you will find a great relationship.

Karmic Relationships include Selfishness

A karmic relationship needs to have healthy boundaries because they are only interested in themselves. They want you to meet their needs, but they do not meet yours. They are sometimes abusive and controlling. You may love this person, but they might see you just as someone they can use.

Repeat Patterns

Having relationships that are on and off again relationships is a big sign that you are in a karmic bond. If you have problems in your relationship over and over, it could be a sign that you are having these repeat patterns because you are not learning your lesson. The only way that you will ever be able to move forward is by letting that person go and learning what life is showing you.


Karmic partners will obsess over you and they will be jealous all the time. These people will think that you should worship the ground that they walk on and that they are the main reason that you are happy. People in a karmic relationship will often have a hard time seeing their flaws and will never believe that they do anything wrong.

Addictive Partners

Many karmic partners are addicted to things and they are attracted to things that are not real. They like things such as having good looks or being popular.

Feeling of Destiny

You might believe that your partner is your destiny, and you will realize later how wrong you are when you are miserable. If you are with someone and you keep having to fight and you never can understand why the relationship isn’t working out, learn a lesson from it and move forward.


You will be in your relationship and you will not know who you are. Your personal identity will begin to go away, and you will put all the power into your partners hands. This karmic relationship can make you feel crazy and even sick. You will feel that you can only make it if you depend on that person for everything.

Instant Connection

The karmic relationship is one that will be a strong instant bond. This means that you will be attracted to them right away and that you will feel that you have known them your whole life. You will have such a strong connection that you will think you are meant to be together.

Worst Fears

Your karmic partner will make things that you are afraid of come to the surface. They will make you feel rejected and abandoned and you will have to face these things to move forward.

Dark Side

A karmic relationship will make you act ways that you never wanted to act such as being jealous or breaking down in your emotions. They will try to make you feel weak.


This kind of relationship will make you feel insecure and will bring up things about yourself that you hate. A karmic relationship will be hard, and you will always be making excuses for them and their behavior.

Negative Emotions

The karmic relationship will not let you learn to love yourself and you will always be fighting with your ego. You have to learn to master yourself and to learn to get out of the cycle.


This kind of relationship will make you feel sick and upset. You will be in a relationship that is not healthy, and you have to learn to put your own needs first and let them go. You will find that you are always repeating this pattern until you learn to move on.

Never Lasting

Your karmic relationship is not your forever person. You will believe and hope that they will be, but this relationship will end because it can never work out. These people are there to give you conflict and to break your heart. They are unhealthy for your mental and physical being, and they will break you down in your spirit.

No matter what kind of relationship you are in, you will have problems with these kind and you will see that you have to fight obstacles to grow and to learn your lessons. You need to remember that your partner will want to move forward and when they do, let them go.

No matter what kind of karmic relationship you are in, you need to learn to change and to find someone that will be there to help you to be the best that you can be. The soulmate will be a better relationship and will be good to you and help you become better.

You should never beg for love and you deserve to find love that will last and will make you happy. If you love someone but they are not good for you, the best thing that you can do is let them go and this will be the lesson that you need to learn to move forward.


  1. The emphasis on the learning experiences provided by different types of relationships is notable. This perspective encourages an introspective approach to understanding and navigating one’s interactions with others, which can be quite beneficial.

  2. The explanation about karmic relationships resonated with me. It’s important to recognize when a relationship is no longer serving your growth but instead perpetuating harmful patterns. This awareness can be crucial for personal development.

  3. It’s interesting to consider that relationships serve as a mirror to our own growth and challenges. The idea that each type of relationship has its own set of lessons and purposes aligns well with various psychological theories about personal development.

  4. The distinctions drawn between different types of relationships are quite thought-provoking. Understanding the differences between karmic relationships, soulmates, and twin flames could indeed provide deeper insights into one’s own relationship dynamics.

  5. The concept of soulmates and twin flames can be quite romanticized, yet the article takes a more pragmatic stance by highlighting the growth and lessons involved. This realistic approach can be very helpful for understanding why some relationships are so challenging.


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