Ending Karmic Relationships

Ending Karmic Relationships

Have you ever dated someone that you thought for sure was your soulmate and then later found out that they were the worst person that you could have ever imagined? Do you feel like the relationship started out perfectly but then got bad really quick? This is a sign that you are in a karmic relationship.

You might wonder how this happens to you and why. The thing about karmic relationships is that it isn’t about what happens in the relationship or the relationship ending, but it is about the karma ending. In order to get out of a karmic relationship, you have to learn the lessons that you were meant to learn and then once you do that, you can be free from that debt.

Each time you go through a karmic relationship and you learn your lesson, you are paying back some of that karmic debt. Have you had to deal with some painful relationships that have caused you suffering? Do you feel that you have been mistreated by people that you dated and loved? Have they talked badly to you and hurt you more times than you can count?

If you handled these things correctly then you started paying back your karmic debt. These things are not always easy to know, and you will not know how much karma that you ow but there is a sign that you can tell that you are almost at the end of your debt.

When karma is paid back, you can be free form bad relationships. When you are ready to get out of the relationship, this means that it will almost be over. The more sincere you are about getting out of the relationship, the faster it will happen. The universe will listen to you and will let you pay back your debt.

Ending Karmic Relationships

If you are in a karmic relationship and the relationship is painful for you, this means that it is karma. This can be a family relation, friendship or even a partner.

Hurtful Relationships

When you are in a painful relationship, you have to stop the relationship and have enough of it. If you and your partner are always fighting, you need to decide you are done with the relationship and move on. Stop allowing them to walk over you and to hurt you over and over again.

Once you say that is enough, you can end the relationship and move forward.


When you don’t agree with how someone is treating you and you want to stop it, tell them to stop! As soon as you say that end the conversation and do not let them pick on you anymore.

You don’t have to explain why you said stop or you don’t have to be defensive. Learn to stand up for yourself without crying or yelling. Know that you are working through something and that you don’t want to be treated badly.

Don’t Treat Me That Way

Sometimes we allow people to treat us anyway that we want. We think this kind of action is normal and we don’t stop it.

When you are with someone and they are not being fair to you for no reason, you need to tell them that they aren’t allowed to treat you that way. You are the one that will decide how you are treated in a relationship.

Demand them to respect you and demand them to be kind to you in the relationship. When you put your foot down and you set boundaries, you can have power in the relationship, and you can allow the karma to be paid back faster.

The sooner your karmic relationship is over, the sooner you can heal.

Dealing with Conflict

When someone is attacking you in your emotions or your physical body, this is about who they are and not about who you are. If your boyfriend is having a bad day and then he brings it home to you and yells at you for something, this is about them and not about you.

You might not understand why people are hurting you and you might feel like you have to fix it, but this is not what you need to do.

Tell them to stop taking out their anger on you and when they are done doing it, they can talk to you again. Do not give your partner power to let their negativity ruin your life. Once they know that you are in control of your emotions and the situation, things will change.

When you let them know that you are not going to let them hurt you, you will be powerful, and you will be able to stand up for yourself and what you deserve.

You don’t want to be in a relationship where people disrespect you and treat you poorly. If they are hurting you, tell them. If they don’t care, then work through it and then be ready to move on. Let them know that the way that they talk to you is wrong and hurtful.

Ending Karmic Relationships

Ending karma is not easy and when you find that you are in a toxic relationship, chances are that you are burning off your karma debt.

The relationship might take time to end, and it can end peacefully if you learn to accept your lesson and learn from it. Karma is not about ending the relationship but getting rid of the karma that you owe.

Here are some ways that you can get rid of karma that you owe fast.

Live the Best Life

Learn to embrace your life and the things that happen in your life. Deal with hard things that come in your relationships in a positive way.

Stay cool and experience good things together. Karma will let you work it out as long as you are kind and compassionate during it. The experiences will help you to learn your lesson and to find true love.

Learn to have different experiences with yourself and your partner. Are you happy for them even if they aren’t for you? Do you feel that you can live your life alone?


Most people hate confrontation but let it come to you. You have to tell him how he is hurting you or the pain will make you be negative. This will cause you to be toxic and to build up more bad karma.

Learn to confront him in a positive way and let him know that he is hurting you and embarrassing you. This will help you to heal.


One of the easiest ways that you can get rid of karma is to meditate. Doing this can clear your mind and help you to be more positive.

Meditation is a way to burn out your karma. Once you are silent and you look deep into yourself, you will see that you can learn from the things happening to you and this will help to get rid of the karma.


  1. I found the discussion on setting boundaries and standing up for oneself to be quite practical. Nevertheless, the connection to karmic debt feels somewhat abstract. How do we determine the completion of our karma?

    • Agreed. The concept of karmic debt is quite subjective. It seems that personal growth and the ability to move on from toxic relationships are key indicators.

    • That’s a valid point, Cat. I think the article suggests that feeling a sense of freedom and resolution may indicate that one’s karmic debt is nearing its end. However, it does leave room for personal interpretation.

  2. I appreciate the emphasis on self-respect and setting boundaries in relationships. The idea of karmic relationships aligns with some spiritual philosophies, but I wonder how universally applicable this idea is.

  3. The recommendation to use meditation for managing relationship stress is useful. While the karmic aspect is open to interpretation, mindfulness practices can indeed help individuals cope with emotional turmoil more effectively.

  4. The article provides an interesting perspective on relationships and the concept of karmic debt. While the idea of learning lessons through difficult relationships is intriguing, I’m curious about the evidence supporting the notion of karma in this context.

  5. The article’s guidance on confronting issues and not allowing mistreatment in relationships is beneficial. Even if one doesn’t fully subscribe to the idea of karmic debt, these principles of self-care and boundary-setting are universally valuable.


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