Do Both Twin Flames Know There is a Bond?

Do Both Twin Flames Know There is a Bond?

Do Both Twin Flames Know There is a Bond?Sometimes it seems like one person is more spiritual than another in a relationship and that some do not believe in the twin flame relationship.  It seems that things are the way that they are supposed to be, but this type of relationship is not always easy.

The beginning of the relationship is about getting together and preparing your life for your journey and for feeling that your soul has a real purpose.  It is possible that a twin flame does not realize that they are in fact, your twin flame.

Do They Know?

Most of the time, a twin flame happens when there is one person that is physical, and one is spiritual.  They are mirror expressions of the same person but they both are attuned to different things.

It means that when you meet, one will have more spiritual information and one will be more physical.  You should not be surprised if they don’t even know that they are your twin flame or what that really means.

Sometimes asking things about twin flames can cause one person to run and one to chase.  The chaser has the knowledge about the world and the energy and what their destiny is and the runner is the person that only knows things in the physical.  It is not the responsibility of the chaser to convince the runner that they are twin flame but to be there for them.

Soon, the spiritual enlightenment will happen, and both will work toward the journey and become unified.  During this time, the one that is skeptical will learn and understand the link that they have, and one will learn about healing powers and will feel the energy.

They will learn to understand that love fits in the model and they will eventually be okay with it.  It isn’t that complex and not all twin flames even realize at first that they are meant to be together.

They Know Deep Down

On a different level, both people in the relationship know that they are meant to be together.  They have a chemistry and an attraction that is different than other attractions.  It becomes evident as though it is written in a book.

The souls become knowing and they understand things and are honest with each other during this time.  When we keep things hidden, it can cause there to be blocks in the energy and attraction.

The mirror effect of souls is based on soul recognition and your soul mirrors the other people and causes a vibration and an energy to bring harmony.  The flames will know each other.  They will know each other on a deeper level.

Understand the Journey

To be sure that each person knows about the relationship, they need to understand and respect boundaries.  They have one advantage, and this is that they really, deep down, know the truth.

This means that educating them is the best process and can help them instead of trying to force their belief.  Ask them questions and see where they are and guide them towards the right path.

If they don’t want the answers right away, don’t give up and don’t be pushy.  Talk to them about the important stuff and give them room to be able to understand and decide what they want in their life and what they believe.

Above all, make sure that you love them and that you support your twin flame no matter what.