Delicious Treat That Will Turn Up the Heat On Valentines Day

Turn Up the Heat on Valentines Day with a Treat

Ancient beliefs, cultural traditions, and modern science all proclaim that certain foods and drinks improve libido. It’s true, indeed! Some foods that will turn up the heat are known as aphrodisiacs; they can help you turn up passion, arousal, and love. You probably think wine and chocolate are all you need to press all the right love buttons, but plenty of other foods and drinks will also do the trick. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember, consider these unique treats to turn up the heat!

Fruits and Vegetables

While Seinfeld’s George Costanza swore that mangoes “moved” him, it’s papaya that’s a well-known aphrodisiac for women. Because avocados get things going, they’ve been eaten by many cultures throughout history (especially the Aztecs). How about asparagus? According to, “It assists and raises the production of histamine, which is required to reach orgasm in men (and also women).” Hot peppers also get the blood pumping. Pomegranates increase sensitivity. Bananas aid in the production of sex hormones. Watermelon is not only delicious, but it can also pack a punch in the arousal department. For men, it works like Viagra. It sounds like a wild claim, but serve it to the man in your life and see what happens.

Spices and Herbs

Vanilla is an enticing scent that turns many men on. Perhaps it would be a good idea to light a vanilla-scented candle or wear some vanilla-scented perfume or lotion on Valentine’s Day. He’ll want dessert before dinner! Garlic may sound like an unusual choice, but if you both love it, why not let it make an appearance at dinner? Go out for Mediterranean food, or add some garlic to the meal you’re making at home.

Getting Exotic

For some people, raw oysters are an exotic treat that increases libido. The zinc in them raises testosterone levels, so if you’re going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, consider an appetizer of raw oysters. Feeling even more adventurous? While Aphrodite and Venus will say that the ancient Greeks and Romans are experts when it comes to exotic and adventurous aphrodisiacs, the truth is that the Chinese have cornered the market for thousands of years. This year, you may want to sample some sea cucumbers. Or how about deer antler, snake, or ginseng wine? Or how about South American leaf-cutter ants?

Sex Requires More Than Lust

Sex takes more than lust to make it happen; our bodies and minds have to want to cooperate! Thankfully, Mother Nature makes it possible with all kinds of things to eat and drink that make us feel strong, sexy, healthy, and energized. She certainly knew what she was doing, and it’s good to know we have all kinds of libido-enhancing treats available to us, no matter where we are in the world. So why not set the stage for a hot and spicy Valentine’s Day by incorporating some of these delectable treats into your Valentine’s Day celebration? Your partner will thank you, and you’re night will be memorable.


  1. I appreciate the inclusion of a broad range of foods and spices. It’s intriguing to consider the combination of cultural wisdom and modern science in these practices.

  2. The piece strikes a balance between being informative and engaging. It’s interesting to think about how diet can play a role in our intimate lives.

  3. The article does a good job of highlighting the aphrodisiac properties of various foods. The connection between diet and libido is an interesting area of study.

  4. It’s fascinating to see both historical and scientific perspectives on aphrodisiacs. This makes me curious about trying some of these recommended foods and drinks.

  5. The discussion about exotic aphrodisiacs like sea cucumber and deer antler is particularly intriguing. It seems different cultures have unique approaches to enhancing libido.


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