Dealing with Invisible Wounds

Dealing with Invisible Wounds

A romantic relationship that has a karmic bond means that you are with someone that is there to teach you a lesson or to heal your past life of hurt and pain. This kind of relationship is someone that is in your soul group.

Even though a karmic relationship can be hard, the pint of it is to end in happiness and to have healing energies that can make your life whole.

Karmic relationships are relationships that are soulmate relationships and they all have passion with the heart. These relationships can be hard and at times they can break your heart but if you follow these relationships, it can lead you down a better life path.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Here are some signs that might appear if you find yourself in a karmic relationship:

  • Strong passion
  • Being obsessed
  • Having a strong attraction
  • Increase in the heart chakra
  • Being drawn to the person
  • Agreeing to change
  • Acting like your partner
  • Strong emotions
  • Dislike and strong feelings

These are just a few signs of a karmic relationship and these happen because people in these types of relationships have a past that is full of pain and hurt and has not been healed. This kind of relationship brings out the parts of the heart that have not healed yet and need to have soul growth.

If you are with someone that is in your soul group, chances are they are there to mirror you and to show you knew things about yourselves.

These relationships will grow and help to heal you and change you but that does not mean that you will always get along. You can be like fire and ice or like oil and water. There will be times when you will be with someone and you will want to start a new beginning.

You will change over your relationship with your partner and you will be together for a time where you can work together but learn to have separate identities and to work apart.

These karmic relationships will help you and others heal and will help the soul grow and mature.

Invisible Wounds

Karmic relationships will open up past wounds that you have that need to be healed. These will heal when you step out and work with your karmic partner to change your spirituality and to heal the energy that is outside of your field that is holding you back.

When you have a karmic relationship, you will have a strong bond that is full of energy and this will bring you healing. The relationship can keep the same pattern or can be different from the beginning.

Steps of Growing a Karmic Relationship

The first step in growing your karmic relationship is to look at your own self. Take time to figure out what lessons you might need to learn so that you can move on with an open mind.

If you have the same energy as other people do, you have to clear this energy so that you can get out of the karmic pattern and start a new relationship.

Healing karmic relationships that is wounded takes time and care and you will need to start your soul at a new beginning. Just like you start new when you are starting life, needing shelter, food, and clothing, you need to start new when you enter into karmic relationships.

The person that you meet will want to find someone that will be their friend or their romantic partner and they may start with mistreating you and this can be a balance of power because of old things in your life.

Starting new relationships too quickly after ending a karmic bond will make you go back into the previous life pattern that you were in.

Learn to recognize these situations and walk away if it brings up old or bad habits.

Close the Bonds

The relationship that you will have with this person is a karmic bond meaning that you have a long life of past history with this person. Their energy will link you and so you will be linked with energy and with a physical bond.

If you move or ignore someone or refuse to let them in, this will mean you probably aren’t in a karmic bond. Karmic relationships have to work together to get rid of the negative energies of your past.

You will cut your energy cords, and this will affect the bond that this person had on you. You might even have to perform a ceremony to cleanse your soul after cutting the energy cords. This can help you to find things in your relationship that were lost and to start new again.

Letting Go

Some people find that letting go of something is hard, but it is healthy. This helps you to close old wounds and lets your heart heal.

When you are bound to this person b karma and you are healing and learning lessons, these patterns will happen with this person over and over and will last forever.

This means that you might not ever have to do this kind of karmic relationship again as long as you do not fall into the same patterns. If you love this person then you will see that the karma can go into a new direction.

If your partner does not agree to learn their lesson, this is not your fault and the universe will not hold it against you.

When you heal the karma for yourself, learn to recognize the patterns and see that the patterns have ended.

Benefits of Karmic Relationships

Being in a karmic relationship will allow you to forgive yourself and others and allow your heart chakra to open up. This is your last step towards enlightenment.

When you complete the healing for the karmic bond, you will find your true love and your soulmate, and this will be a relationship that can be a dream relationship.

Healing with a karmic bond is a test between your soul and the universe and this can help you to realize that you have unhealed karma and it can actually be healed and you can be whole.

Once you heal from a karmic relationship, you will get rid of the pain that you have in your life and you will learn to love and desire who you are.

If you have been through more than one karmic relationship, chances are you needed to learn more lessons and to build your life so that you can be wise and improve who you are. This can be relationships that deepen your life.

Doing energy work can help to heal your life, relationships and help to bring you wisdom that will take you to a new level in your life.

The relationship can teach you to value yourself and others and can help you to learn to love yourself again.