There are different ways that you can cleanse your home and there are traditional ways and nontraditional ways. One-way people cleanse their homes is with white sage.

White sage is a plant that was used with the indigenous. This is a popular energy cleanser because it can help to be used with spiritual rituals as well as cleansing. This herb can be dried and burned, and the smoke can help to get rid of blockages that you have.

White sage is known to be able to get rid of bacteria in the air as well.


Some people believe that you should look into Native American history so that you can find different ways to cleanse your area without using sage. Sage can be found in the mountains and it has been used in ancient times as medicine.

Sage is so popular that it has went from culture to culture and has been harvested in a traditional way so that it can be used with ceremonies, medicine and other things. This kind of plant can be sold and profited off of.

Alternatives to White Sage

Here are some things that you can burn if you do not have white sage:

  • Lavender-this can be dried and burned and can bring peace and joy to your home. This is a great thing to use if you are clairvoyant and can get rid of negative energies and help heal the body.
  • Mugwort-Mugwort can be burned and get rid of energies that is blocking your chakras. This was used in Europe and Asia.
  • Juniper-this plant can be used for purifying the home and can help cleanse the mind and body. It can give you energy.
  • Rosemary-This herb can be used to get rid of negative energies and was used a lot by the Egyptians. This was used as a burial herb and to pay ceremony to the dead.

Smokeless Sage Alternatives

There are other things that you can use that you do not have to burn such as crystals and salt. These things can help to cleanse your home and your space.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be placed int eh corner of your home to protect your home and your life from negative energies.


Salt is a small crystal and can help to get rid of evil and to protect your home and purify it.


Cinnamon can be used in pine needles or brooms and can help to give your home a nice scent and protect your home.

Earth Harmony

Cleanse your area so that you can have harmony with the earth. Always get rid of negative energies and work with the earth so that you can have a good balance in your life and in your home.