8 Ways You’ll Know if You Met Your Twin Flame

8 Ways You’ll Know if You Met Your Twin Flame

When we meet our Twin Flame, it sets our heart ablaze down to its deepest recesses.  There is a reason you both will feel like its destiny for you to meet, because it was!  Twin Flames are our complements and help our reach our highest potential.  When the Divine facilitates your meeting, you will be sent many signs that will resonate down to your core.

Here are eight things you should anticipate happening when you meet your Twin Flame:

  1. You will feel like you met before.  Seeing your Twin Flame gives you the same feeling as wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket.  They feel so intimate and familiar as well as giving you a profound sense of peace.
  2. Your life goals align. If you are confused by life so too is your Twin Flame.  If you prioritize career over building a family, so too will your Twin Flame.  Together you both have a clear vision for your shared future and will work tireless as a team to achieve success.
  3. You share the same desires. Together you crave to share mutual passions and learn new lessons together.  Although
  4. You crave the same lifestyle. Again, you will work together to shape and design the ideal shared life.
  5. You share the same values and prioritizations. The best way to test whether your love is your Twin Flame is to have an honest discussion on your values and the order in which you rank them.  Twin Flames will only undertake the hard work of life improvements if the intention is sincere and clear and focus on elevating your spiritual growth.
  6. Twin Flames place their union above all other relationships. You will know you met your true Twin Flame when you lose interest in pursuing any other romance and prefer to spend as much time with them as a possible.
  7. You will always love your Twin Flame. No matter how much time or space separate the two of you, your love will never waver.  This love will reverberate throughout your physical, mental and spiritual body.  You will never feel alone because you know their love is ever present.
  8. You both genuinely enjoy each other’s presence. You both feel emboldened to be your authentic self and as such you both are able to feel fully relaxed, presented and receptive whenever you are together.