7 Ways how you can help a Psychic Medium attract your true love

help you attract your true love in the following seven ways

One of the most frequent reasons people have for visiting psychics it to discover their true love.  What people often don’t realize is the first step to finding love is to truly love and honor yourself.  If you don’t love yourself than you may find yourself in a series of ungratifying relationships because you don’t know at a deeper level what it feels like to be cherished.           Once you are able to see yourself and all your beautiful imperfections than you can be truly open to finding your soulmate.

7 Ways how you can help a Psychic Medium attract your true love:

  1. Have the psychic medium take a reading of your love energy and identify areas of strength and needs. 

Your love energy can be influenced by past joys and pains.  Its like a muscle that needs to be flexed.  Ask for an aura reading to gain a better understanding of your past and current situations.  By recognizing triggers or sore spot you can bypass toxic patterns and the stronger it becomes the more receptive you will be to healthier dynamics.

  1. During a psychic reading ask the medium if your lack of sufficient love is tied to your Karma or Past Lives.

Life is essentially Earth School.  In previous lives we had to learn lessons to make us more enlightened beings.  We are a sum of our actions and unfortunately some baggage ports over into future lifetimes.  A skilled psychic medium can review your Akashic Record, which logs every feeling, thought, intent, word or action generated throughout your lives.  Allow them to advise you on how your Akashic Record is impacting your present and any tips you could use to create more love in your life.  As you heal past pain and balance your karma, you can expect to see additional improvements to your life such as increased health, wealth and knowledge.

  1. During a psychic reading, ask for tools to draw your soulmate to you.

Finding true love is a team effort.  Use the medium to converse with your Spirit Guides and allow them to help you find the person that is worthy of your love.  Just because there are many fish in the sea doesn’t mean all deserve to be on your hook!

  1. If you are in a stalled relationship, ask if this person is right for you.

Spirit Guides are powerful allies.  They know you are profound cosmic levels and work to ensure you live the best life possible.  They also are able to converse with your partner’s Spirit Guides to better understand them and their karma.  By employing your Spirit Guides you can save precious time and avoid lasting hurts.  Moreover, understanding if your current partnership is true love, you can build up good karma by helping them avoid similar detours or pain.

  1. Are you doing actions subconsciously that be preventing you from everlasting love?

Often, we don’t understand why we generate barriers to success.  Whether it be bad habits, psychic cords or something else, psychic mediums can help us identifies ways to correct patterns that can be blocking us from love.  The psychic medium can help us to balance our chakras and create more openness in mind, body and spirit to allow us to receive love that this trying to find us.  As you feel happier, healthier and more inside yourself, your dream mate will be more drawn to you and your love.

  1. Use the psychic reading to understand qualities and values you are looking for in love

Your psychic medium can use their gifts to help you understand what a successful love life and partnership manifests for you.  They can help you see physical features of your future love and habits, interests and values that matter to them.  By understanding what matters to the both of you, you can begin to refine your habits and goals to be more in line with your soulmate and ensure a harmonious relationship.

  1. Seek advice to avoid relationship hurdles and to strengthen your future relationship for decades to come.

Finding love doesn’t automatically lead to a happily ever after.  Love takes work, patience and understanding.  Use your psychic consultation to map out the future with your sweetheart.  The psychic medium can provide you tools to promote healthy love energy flow in each facet of your relationship.  Encourage them to speak with the Beings of Light who help nurture us with divine love.  Make sure to keep a record of all pieces of advice and practical tools.  This way you will know that long after your consultation, divine forces are hard at work to maximize your ability to give and receive love.  They also will inspire you to remember that your most important loving relationship is with yourself.