Taking Back Your Power from a Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationship

You’ll know you are entering in a karmic relationship if you experience a flash of instantaneous recognition at your deepest core.  Most likely you’ll have profound feeling of attaining a long-lost goal.  You may sense a remembrance of their face, voice or personality from the moment you first meet.  These feelings will become magnified if you are embarking on romantic love.  This is all due to fact that in fact you have meet before in a previous lifetime or two, and your souls are now honoring this reunion!

Repetitive patterns

Just because you have been here before doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing.  You might be feeling safe in situations that may be limiting your potential, simply because you have become conditioned to this pattern.  If you struggle with self-esteem then you might subconsciously seek people who promote this limiting behavior.  You have become so engrained in this cycle of thinking that it would be terrifying to peer over the wall that you have built for yourself.

When you need to resolve karma in close relationship you risk being drawn into a whirlwind of established past behaviors and actions that usurp your conscious intentions.  Once you become aware of these patterns you can recognize the early steps as they begin to materialize.  However, creating new patterns takes considerable effort and may produce unpredictable changes.  You may see situations through a new lens, which might feel disorientating.  Your loved ones might also be affected by these new patterns and could provide you pushback as their own views become challenged.  However, riling the silt of these dormant issues is good, no matter the chaos.  Because it is only in the light that shadows can disappear.

The role of love in karmic relationship

Sincere love affords a blissful and powerful experience filled with mutual admiration, respect, joy and healthy boundaries that promote self-growth.  In karmic relationships you can become manipulated and deceived by someone who professes to love you.  You both will fight as strongly as you lust for each other.  It seems like no matter what you do together, you do it with intense passion and as such you both risk getting burned.

Karmic bonds will create the illusion that your destinies are entwined with each other.  You both will struggle to leave, because of the thought of parting feels like you will be severing a part of you.  It is true you both may have encountered each other in hundreds of previous lives in hundreds of different forms.  But the reason you keep returning to each other is due to an inability to resolve a karmic pain and the rippling issues.  Now that you are aware of the dance you can improve your steps to finally understand the lessons to finally heal your pain and move on in a healthy manner.

Acceptance and the next chapter

When you accept that you are in a karmic relationship you take the first step in healing yourself.  Your feelings of love and connection were real and valid, but knowing the manipulation and negativity impeded both of your growth will help you both move forward.  Through acceptance you will begin to see each other as you really are and understand that your romance only brings you both unnecessary pain.  When you process this, you will see that true love is never painful.  By ending this toxic dance, you become free to find someone who can keep pace and honor the totality of you.

You control your destiny

At some point in everyone’s life one must learn that only they are capable of bringing happiness and fulfillment into their life.  Every path is different and shaped by a person’s karma.  Although it can be trying to walk your own path, if you allow yourself to be receptive you will experience an array of helpers and miracles.  The power of claiming your destiny will amaze you!  When you own your experience and repetitive patterns you have the ability to rewire your spiritual connections.  Honor the influence your ex had in your life and all the lessons they helped you learn.  This will go a long way in lifting the karmic burden from you both. By breaking the patterns and healing the lingering hurts, you allow one or both of you to spiritually evolve.


  1. The article provides a compelling exploration of karmic relationships and their impact on personal growth. It offers valuable insights into recognizing and transforming repetitive patterns that hinder self-development.

  2. I appreciate how the article articulates the complex nature of karmic relationships. The emphasis on self-awareness and acceptance as the first steps toward healing resonates deeply with me.

  3. The discussion on the role of love in karmic relationships is particularly enlightening. It highlights the duality of intense passion and potential deception, ultimately guiding readers towards healthier relational dynamics.

  4. The concept of controlling one’s destiny through understanding and breaking karmic patterns is quite empowering. It encourages individuals to take active roles in shaping their futures, despite the challenges posed by past connections.

  5. Overall, the article sheds light on the profound emotional and spiritual complexities of karmic relationships. By emphasizing acceptance and personal responsibility, it offers a thoughtful roadmap for healing and growth.


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