Relationships: How to Fix Communication Issues


It may be difficult to spot communicational issues in your own relationship, but to onlookers, they are plainly obvious. From crossed arms to rolled eyes, body language are the biggest giveaways that a couple are currently struggling with that most essential aspect of any relationship.

Perhaps the most damaging symptom, however, is shouting. If a disagreement ends in one or both of you screaming at one another, that’s when you’ve lost all control over your communicational juju.

No relationship can work without communication. A relationship benefits from each person respecting and adhering to the needs of the other person, so if that isn’t happening, your relationship will not function properly. To help, here are some tips for fixing those pesky communication issues.

Repairing Communication Through Astrology

Among many things, astrological knowledge is perfect for tuning into yours and your partner’s needs. You should begin with your Moon and Sun dualities; the Sun represents your unconscious fundamentals, whereas your Moon represents your emotional needs.

Let’s say, for instance, your Moon is in Leo and your Sun is in Aries. This makes you a headstrong individual who acts independently and with zest. You have a quiet need for praise, but overall, being alone does not bother you. This Sun/Moon duo also means you can find anger anywhere, given that’s where your natural allegiances lie.

Now, let’s say, for argument’s sake, your partner’s Sun is in Capricorn and their Moon is in Aquarius. If this is the case, your partner will be reluctant to engage their emotions; their Moon wishes to remove itself from dramatic situations, so they will often storm out of arguments.

Finally, your Mercury can severely affect your communication when regarded alongside your Sun and Moon duo. Let’s imagine your Mercury is in Aries, while your partner’s Mercury is in Aquarius. This is dangerous because Aries likes to confront anger head-on, whereas Aquarius needs to avoid it like the plague.

These are important blueprints upon which to build your compromises. You need to meet in the middle; you should unleash your fiery side on someone other than your partner, and your partner needs to learn to confront you during arguments.

Self-Awareness is Key

One fatal flaw that really cripples communication is a lack of self-awareness, especially if you tend to project your issues onto your partner. You need to make sure you are instigating the arguments that are causing strife in your relationship—you may perceive behavioral patterns in your partner that are actually yours.

It can be tough to really take yourself to task for being manipulative, mean-spirited, or downright odious, but the truth is that we all do it from time to time. If you own your flaws, however, this can lead to you being compassionate with yourself and, as a result, with your partner.

Your communication with your partner will begin to repair itself once you begin to pinpoint the moment you are beginning to exhibit these unsavory characteristics. Allow yourself some time to scream or punch your duvet. If you’re the less confrontational one, have a moment away from the argument before recuperating and joining in again.

Allow Your Weaknesses to Show

This is the most difficult part—you need to be vulnerable if you’re going to allow your communication to work. If you completely let your guard down and are honest with yourself and your partner, then your partner will meet you in the middle. It may go wrong the first few times, but you’ll get there in the end.

Vulnerability may not come easily to you, especially if you have a family history of stoicism. Alas, it can work wonders for your communication and give a well-needed boost to your relationship.

A good tip for achieving vulnerability is getting to know your patterns, which is made easier through the use of astrology. Another good thing to remember is that your partner might have the same flaws as you do. In that instance, pulling down your barriers can reveal to your partner that you are willing to go the extra distance for your relationship.

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  1. The idea of looking at communication issues through the lens of astrology is certainly novel. I appreciate the practical advice on handling conflicts, even if the astrological framework isn’t for everyone.

  2. The emphasis on self-awareness and vulnerability as key components for effective communication resonates with general psychological principles. Astrology adds an intriguing layer to this, though its scientific validity is often questioned.

    • While astrology’s scientific basis is debatable, it can serve as a reflective tool that prompts individuals to consider their actions and emotions more deeply.

    • Indeed, self-awareness and vulnerability are well-established in psychological literature as critical for healthy relationships. The use of astrology is unconventional but could offer additional insight for those open to it.

  3. Astrology might provide some with a structured way to understand relationship dynamics. However, it’s crucial to approach these suggestions with a critical mind and not to substitute them for professional relationship advice.

  4. The article presents an interesting perspective on using astrology as a tool for understanding and improving communication in relationships. It’s fascinating to consider how celestial bodies might influence our interactions.

  5. The article underscores the importance of vulnerability and self-awareness, which are fundamental to resolving conflicts. Astrology can be a fun and engaging way to explore these concepts, but it’s important to balance it with grounded communication strategies.


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