Psychic Signal Can Help You Attract Someone


     When you hear the words psychic signals when referring to how to attract a man, it can mixed up all sorts of mysterious ideas. Chances are… you might not even know what that is. The truth is, anything which pertains to psychic simply refers to the higher mind. It’s that part of your mind which you use unconsciously. Whether you know it or not you are already using your psychic signals. And the moment you decided that you want to know how to attract a man you are blasting those psychic signals even stronger.

The problem though for most people is what sort of signals are they sending out. Most people are not aware of the signals that they are sending out to others. They think that what is going on inside of them-selves is hidden but it can always be felt by the other person.

Some men are just as intuitive as most women. They may not know why they feel the way they do about you but for some reason they are turned off by you or deeply attracted. What’s turning them off may very well be those signals you are sending off. Then seeing how quickly men move away from your company you may wonder how to attract a man who really like you. Mainly you have to become aware of your own psychic inner self as it controls how others feel about you.

Your inner psychic self has a vastly different story playing out from the story you are living out. Mostly if you are like most people you are always trying so hard to sensor your true self, pretending to be something you are not.

No matter how hard you pretend your inner self is always expressing truth and others are able to pick up on that truth. You go on a date and although you hate how you are feeling about yourself you pretend that you are doing so well. You smile at everyone and put on a great show but all the while your psychic signals are broadcasting messages very loud. It’s shouting out, “I really feel so ugly and fat. How can I ever attract a man who is going to appreciate me as I am?” Whether you know it or not the other person starts to feel thrown off by you. They are seeing one thing but those psychic signals are saying something else. The communication from your mind to his mind is so loud, that there is a lot of confusion and he is not sure what to really feel about you. Can you see the confusion here?

How to Attract a Man Using 3 Powerful Psychic Signals

Step one:


Focus on what you really love about yourself. Find at least 5 reasons why you love those particular things. Now keep those five thoughts rotating in your mind for at least ten minutes without stopping. Look at the clock if you have to. Observe how you are now beginning to feel as you rotate those five thoughts.

Step two:


Pick someone whom you have recently dated. Now find one thing which you like about that person. As expressed in the previous step, give yourself five reasons why you like this particular quality in that person. Flood your mind with those reasons for at least ten minutes. The next time you enter that person’s space you will notice that they feel happier in your company, more received because you have just created a positive signal and link between you and them.

Step three:

Here is a third step in how to attract a man using psychic signals. People like others who feel good about them. Just imagine that the other person can also feel as excited about the good features within you as you can see and feel about theirs. Amplify that feel in your mind by holding it again for ten minutes.

It’s a lot easier to create that psychic bond with someone you want to attract if you can already see good qualities within yourself. And, it becomes even easier for that other person to feel good about you when they can receive the psychic signal that you also feel good about them. Do you see how powerful this technique is?

Now imagine walking into a room and having every stranger feel strong attraction for you.


  1. The concept of using psychic signals to enhance interpersonal relationships is quite fascinating. It aligns with many psychological principles about self-perception and projection. I wonder, however, how much scientific evidence supports this idea. Overall, it’s an interesting approach to personal attraction.

  2. The idea that our unconscious mind sends out signals that others can perceive is an interesting one. It makes sense from a psychological standpoint that our internal thoughts and feelings could influence how others perceive us. However, I would like more concrete examples or studies to back up these claims.

  3. This piece brings an intriguing angle to the discussion of interpersonal attraction. The steps outlined are practical in fostering a positive mindset, which is crucial for healthy interactions. It would be beneficial to explore how these ideas blend with modern psychological theories and practices.

  4. The methodology suggested in this article is reflective of cognitive-behavioral techniques, focusing on positive thoughts and self-affirmation. While the term ‘psychic signals’ might be unconventional, the underlying message about the influence of self-perception on social interactions is significant.

  5. This article offers a unique perspective on the role of subconscious communication in attraction. The emphasis on self-awareness and positivity seems to be a valuable takeaway. It would be intriguing to see any underlying neuroscience that explains how these ‘psychic signals’ might work.


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