No To One-Way Relationship!


one way 1You Have a Right On This Relationship!

Another brilliant move has been slanting among my female guests. It could be brought on by the movement in vitality from the solar eclipse and the new moon around the same time, or some other energizing vibrations. Whatever the cause, I’m calling it the “Venus Effect.” It’s an engaging vitality that is making ladies leave their connections that no more serve them, whether they are hitched, living respectively or simply dating. My female guests need to join in something greater, whether it’s a superior relationship or their own particular predeterminations.

Love is Different

Love will always be one of the most desired experiences in life, but love is also changing. Thanks to technology, we can meet new people and develop new relationships with the swipe of a finger or the press of a button. We can connect with people who are hundreds or thousands of miles away; not only can we hear them, but we can see them too!

one way 3She Wants Out!

Venus is the planet of love and is a female vibration. It rules Taurus and Libra—fairness in action and strength and balance. This vibration is making women take a stand for their own needs and individualism. They are declaring, “I want out of this relationship.”

Half of a Whole?

In a romantic relationship, each partner is thought to be half of a whole. But I feel that each person in a relationship is a separate entity, and it takes a great deal of work to maintain one’s individuality while in a relationship. My female callers tell me that their relationships aren’t equal. In many cases they do more than the fair share of the work, and their men have dropped the ball. They’re in a one-sided relationship and they’ve had enough!

The great news is that women aren’t putting up with it! They’d rather go and be free of the responsibility of caring for men who aren’t capable of caring for them in return. A one-sided relationship isn’t worth keeping and they want to get out of their stale situations. If that sounds like you, here are a few tips:

  1. one way 2Be honest with yourself. If you’re not happy, admit it.
  2. You don’t need to fall on the sword to make others happy. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness.
  3. Don’t jump into a new relationship right away. Hit the pause button and take a break from love. If you need to, move closer to family for support.
  4. Gather your thoughts and make a plan for the future. Know what to do differently next time.
  5. Reconnect with your own identity. You’ve lost yourself, now find yourself again.

The decision to leave isn’t an easy one—even if you are unhappy. If you’re unsure, or would like to try and fix things, I’d be happy to help! I can help you get back on the road to happiness.


  1. The ‘Venus Effect’ concept is quite intriguing. I’m curious about the extent to which celestial events can influence personal decisions and societal trends. More empirical evidence on this topic would be beneficial.

    • I agree, Starbuck. The idea of astrological events impacting our lives is compelling, but I’d like to see more scientific data to back these claims. Nevertheless, the article does present valid points about relationship dynamics.

    • Indeed, Peggy. While astrology might be up for debate, the core message about women reclaiming their autonomy in relationships is powerful and pertinent. It resonates with many contemporary discussions on gender equality.

  2. The article offers an interesting perspective on the evolving dynamics of romantic relationships, particularly focusing on women asserting their independence. It’s thought-provoking to consider how cultural and possibly astrological influences might play a role in these shifts.

  3. The discussion about the imbalance in domestic responsibilities within relationships is long overdue. It’s encouraging to see women being urged to prioritize their own happiness and take decisive action where needed.

  4. I appreciate the assertion that individuals in a relationship are separate entities. Maintaining one’s individuality is crucial, and it’s good to see this being discussed in the context of women’s experiences.

  5. It’s important to highlight the need for equality in relationships. The tips provided at the end are practical and encouraging, particularly the emphasis on taking a break and reconnecting with oneself before diving into a new relationship.


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